True equality between nations

KANONHSTATON – The Six Nations territories recently had another unwarranted visit from Gary McHale, who carried out a so-called “citizens arrest” against land defender Kawaowene on the reclaimed lands of Kanonhstaton.

McHale has rampantly promoted his political ideology of Canadian supremacy through a rhetoric of forced equality that violates the Two Row Wampum, and he has sought to impose his unsolicited ideas of what equality should mean for our Nations and peoples.

In peaceful nation to nation dialog, the terms of equality are defined in the constitution of each nation. Our Onkwehonwe hospitality towards the newcomers, and our relationship with the Canadian/British Sovereign has been limited and defined in the Two Row Wampum and the Kaianerekowa (Constitution of the Peoples).

True equality between nations means something different in terms of equality than the domestic equality that McHale is preaching. Equality between nations does not mean that they are subject to eachother’s constitution, for what I am talking about is International equality.

In section 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights it states: (1) Everyone has the right to a nationality. (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.

I mention this because all along the Canadian colony has knowingly suppressed our true nationalities and true citizenships to our particular sovereign nations. While our original nations enjoy paramount continuity to North America, McHale vexatiously marches onward in his personal crusade against our native free will and self help remedies.

McHale has systematically and arbitrarily denied the evident and chosen nations of the men and women he targets and harasses during his ongoing siege, ramming his confused notions of equality down our throats, and arbitrarily spreading Canadian “equality” forcibly onto the peoples of free nations who have never defined themselves as Canadian and who have never become subjects of the British/Canadian crown.

When McHale talks to the local publics about Two-Tiered justice and Canadian Equality, it must be heard globally as a voice from an advocate for modern day slavery, systematically defiling the restrictive covenants between our peoples. McHale’s perspective is seen by our nations as an attempt to undermine the Two Row Wampum and ultimately our birthrights and our free wills to choose our nations and our distinct ways of life.

In McHale’s mind he arrested a Canadian citizen, but what proof of evidence does he have to back that theory up? In fact, McHale has arrested a non Canadian without a process of extradition. McHale’s crusade may put him and everyone else in a constitutional crisis, and may have violated the covenant of peace between the British Crown and the Onkwehonwe. Some Canadians may call that an act of treasonous contempt.

I remind the Canadian polity of the concepts brought to light in the Queen vs. Tooley case, wherein the concept of Right to resist unlawful arrest is made into common law. Our right to resist and our right of self help will only grow when necessary. We are not Canadian. We are Equal according to the Two Row Wampum.

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  1. Why? Why are we responding to McHale’s comments? Why are we giving him any credibility BY responding? Stop replying. Let him rant all he wants….but ignore him! Please!

  2. Gary I watched the video and yes your physical body language was intimidating as you pretty much ran into the native man to provoke him, also why bring along a camera man to film you simply walking down the road as you said you were doing? You brought along a camera man to film you doing what you do best instigating! You were trespassing you know this and you wanted to provoke a confrontation and thats why you brought along a camera man. I would have made a citizen’s arrest on you stating you were trespassing but you of course would have shouted that I was assaulting you if I tried to make a citizen’s arrest on you because we all know that is what you do, provoke and instigate and when we finally had enough then you scream bloody murder.

  3. What would you be saying if the roles were reversed and Garlow was walking down a road and I came out to block him claiming he couldn’t walk down a road in a White neighborhood?

    Would you claim Garlow was wrong for being on a White man’s road or would you believe all people can walk down a public road?

    Be honest John – Black people are allowed to walk down roads in White neighborhoods. Martin Luther King jr. marched to prove that.

    BTW: What does White supremacy mean? Doesn’t it mean that certain people believe that because they are White that have special rights over others?

    What does Native supremacy mean? The exact same thing but apparently it is okay if Natives believe they are superior due to their race. Just read the story above.

    Racism is racism John no matter what skin colour you favour.

    1. We have our constitutional rights as prescribed in the Great Law, that does not mean we want whats not ours by right. You just dont understand Real Nation to Nation Equality.

      We just dont fit into your nations views of what equality is, That is for each nation to decide, Each nation also defines what their race policy is.

      Applying canadas racial policies on us Is, harassment, and slavery.

  4. I’m sorry you had to go through that violent confrontation. You and your cameraman must have been very frightened, indeed.

    I hope you are not scarred by the memory of that awful event.

    He was AT LEAST half your size. And what good is your cameraman unless he is filming your unprovoked assault.

    It’s a wonderful thing you demonstrate such bravery in the face of danger to counter these obviously frightening people.

    How the hell do you know what I would or would not be rejoicing, Gary?

    Again, stop thinking those who differ from your opinions are stupid.

    Show a little of that respect that you are so quick to demand for yourself.

    PS… the “native supremacy movement in Canada”?


    Waiter… I’ll have what THAT dude is drinking….

    Except without the ingredient that makes you annoying….

  5. BTW: The above story tells you everything you need to know about Native Supremacy movement in Canada.

    No wonder people, like Garlow, believe they are above the law. This story may sell newspaper but all it does is cause more Native protesters to be arrested and convicted. None of the crap above would last two second in any courtroom.

    This is not the 1600s it is the 21st century. Wait up and smell the coffee the days of the Hatfields and McCoys are over. Issues are settled legally and not through violence.

  6. I never claimed to represent you or anyone else. It is only these Native protesters who repeatedly claim to represent Six Nations. If I ever claimed to represent Canada people would know how stupid that would sound.

    Even if it was a media stunt no one force Garlow to act as if he had the right to confront people or block their way as they walked. It is this self-righteous superiority attitudes that Garlow and others have that show them to be the racist they are.

    If I walked around claiming that because I was White I could stop Native people you would call it for what it is. These Native protesters are racists to the core. They talk as if they and they only have rights.

    If you are not idiots then stop talking like idiots. If the roles were reversed you would be crying the blues that I stopped some poor Native people from exercising their right to walk down a road and you would be having a great time rejoicing that the OPP arrested me.

    This is why you are part of the problem – you see things through racists eyes.

    Garlow should have shown respect for other people’s rights instead of acting as if he, as a Native people, has superior rights to everyone else.

  7. I think you need to watch the video again. I don’t see you in cuffs or in the back of a cruiser. And you weren’t “just walking down a road” Gary.

    Seriously. Is your hubris that great as to think that those who oppose you are simply stupid?

    This was a media stunt. Whether “LEGAL” provocation or or not, it was still provocation and a setup.

    If you wish to debate this in a public forum, I will certainly try to arrange something.

    If not, please stop assuming we are all idiots.

  8. I think you need to watch the videos again – I was just walking down a road and Garlow came out to confront me and to block my way. Interesting how you twist that point around.

  9. People DO have the right to have different views than I do. Agreed. But having an opinion and physically detaining an individual are not the same things.

    And respect for differing opinions is really something you don’t seem to understand, unless it is your own opinion.

  10. That’s right John being a knob isn’t illegal and people have a right to have different views than yours. We do nothing to interfere when Native people want to March – it is called showing respect. The problem is that there are many of these protesters who respect no one but themselves.

    They have the right to be knobs as well but do not have the right to assault anyone or to interfere with other people’s rights. After 8 years you would think some would start to learn that lesson.

  11. i guess being a frickin’ knob is still legal too, huh, gary?

    oh… that’s right… some people just have enough sense NOT to be one…


  12. BTW: It doesn’t matter if Six Nations are Canadians or not – anyone from another country are subject to the law. This is true everywhere in the world.

    1. Do you have proof canadas laws are paramount to the continuity of the first nations peoples and their unbroken laws. as far as i know canada relies on the doctrine of discovery to claim its defacto status.

    2. And yes!!! It does matter if he was or was not canadian Gary that is the POINT, you arbitrarily claim he is under canadian constitutional jurisdiction although we do Not have a Treaty with canada or an legal agreement to assist each other aka extradition.

      Its Non Constitutional, and most constitutional nations run that way, If you force your constitution onto another nation, Its Slavery! plan and simple.

    3. you are nothing more then an instigater who has nothing better to do, you’re just a tattle tail you got shoved for the simple fact that you you were told to leave and preceeded to continue on you’re shit disturber path and invaded someone else personal space you got real lucky, as I’m quite sure if it had been someone else would have done alot more then push you away, a good quote for you is “he who stirs the shit pot should have to lick the spoon” and I hope it’s so bitter in it’s taste
      that you choke to death on you’re own shit
      no one likes you and no one ever will you are motthing but an attention seeking good for nothing shit disturber so please go away to fuck off land the boat is leaving soon

  13. Sorry, the trespassing arrest have already been tried by the OPP but turns out these arrests were illegal. Can’t be trespassing by walking down a public road. This is not the first citizen’s arrest I have done at DCE and it apparently will not be the last. In each case the person is convicted. At some point the radicals will have to come to understand that they must obey the law just like everyone else in the world. Equality doesn’t mean one group gets to commit crimes against another. Native protesters are free to walk down the same roads I can and free to express their beliefs – they are just not free to stop others from having the same rights.

    Many of the racists that post here have not learned that lesson – all people have rights not just Native protesters.

    1. “At some point the radicals will have to come to understand that they must obey the law just like everyone else in the world.”

      I agree, and I await when the law catches up with your misdeeds to the people of Caledonia. You are prolonging the healing process and spreading misinformation. Any EDUCATED Canadian knows to explore ALL sides of a debate prior to making any decisions. It seems you have committed to one side without exploring the entire circumstance and all its ties to manipulate the public for your own vendetta.

      Confrontations provoked in the way you have been conducting yourself prevents both sides from coming to the table. For the first time in 8 years I drove through Caledonia, and I almost stopped in to shop. After seeing this video I’m afraid of being racially profiled even entering the town. Using the OPP as your personal bodyguards puts other citizens at risk. Think of the actual police work they could be ding investigating the child porn at a Caledonia church, or responding to a medical emergency. Let the OPP do their job without manipulation that fuels the fire. All people have a right to peace, and instigation (such as above), perverts that peace.

  14. Next time he arrives ar Kanonhstaton arrest him for tresspassing and treat him to a gauntlett of hospitality…..

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