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Perception is everything

KANONHSTATON – It would appear that, unbeknownst to me, I have become both a celebrity and a villain over the past few hours. Although both views are based on perceptions of the same incident at Kanonhstaton (DCE) Saturday afternoon; and although it would be nice to drink in the “atta-boys” from one perception and gorge on the upset of those from the other perspective, in fact, neither viewpoint is correct

KANONHSTATON – It would appear that, unbeknownst to me, I have become both a celebrity and a villain over the past few hours. Although both views are based on perceptions of the same incident at Kanonhstaton (DCE) Saturday afternoon; and although it would be nice to drink in the “atta-boys” from one perception and gorge on the upset of those from the other perspective, in fact, neither viewpoint is correct.

I was at Gary McHale’s circus in Caledonia Saturday afternoon when McHale was stopped from entering Kanonhstaton and got all steamy about an OPP officer whom he accused of breaking the law by not hauling his “perp” away after McHale, in all of his authority, placed them under “citizen’s arrest”. He lodged a formal complaint and insisted the OPP take he and the officer he had also “arrested” to the Cayuga station where he could file a statement. Probably as a way of getting McHale out of the area since by now he was antagonizing people into a rage, the OPP accommodated with a car to take McHale and his “collar” to the Cayuga Station.

It was then that I asked McHale to clarify something for me. “Do you mean to say that you can, as a citizen, actually arrest another Canadian citizen?” I asked. He responded, “Yes. If that person has done anything illegal.” At that, I placed my hand upon his shoulder, as needs to be done in making such an arrest, and I informed the cop closest to me that if that is the case, than I am placing Mr. McHale under my own “citizen’s arrest”. The police at the site asked me what the charge was. I answered that he was “inciting a riot.”

It so happens, that at exactly that moment the OPP car arrived, the door was opened and Mr. McHale got inside and was whisked away, on his own police business. I know now that it probably looked like it was on my “arrest” he was taken away by police. But that is not what happened at all.

I spoke with the officer after McHale left and told him that if he was going to take McHale seriously about his “citizens arrest” routine, I was dead serious about my “arrest” of McHale too.

The officer repeated back to me what I wanted McHale arrested for, I agreed and added other words like intimidation, breach of peace, and maybe a few others. The officer asked again if I wanted to pursue these charges, and I said yes. He then told me that I needed to go to the Cayuga OPP Station and fill out a report, which I left the site to do.

As it so happened, my phone went dead and I could not call anyone, nor receive any messages while I waited in the OPP station for my turn to file my statement.

After around 1-½ hours, or at least it felt that long, I had still not gotten to see anyone, I left to get to my next assignment, the Six Nations Chiefs lacrosse game, deciding I would go back the next day to file my statement against McHale.

Keep in mind, I could not call anyone or be called by anyone all this time and I had no idea what was being perceived out there.

After the Chiefs game, I was greasy haired and smelling like a gym bag from being out in the sun at McHale’s circus all afternoon, so I went home for a well needed shower and finally plugged my phone in to recharge. Another hour later I started to read about my “heroic” deed and had a deep belly laugh, and for me that truly is a deep belly laugh.

Now, I am told that Mr. McHale didn’t think the posts were as funny as I did and started threatening lawsuits, as is his usual way. Well, as funny as I still think the whole thing is, it only goes to show that comedy, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, and that perception is reality, at least until a new perception weighs in.

So, in recapping, here are the facts.

Yes, I did place Mr. Gary McHale under a “citizen’s arrest,” no different than his own outrageous charges against Six Nations people he antagonizes and prods to the point of rage — you know, like that bratty kid that sat behind you in Grade 6 and poked you in the back with his pencil when the teacher’s back was turned, and played victim when you have finally had enough and turned around.

I verified and confirmed with the attending officer that I was every bit as serious as McHale was and I wanted my “citizen’s arrest” pursued as well. I went to the Cayuga OPP station as instructed I should do and waited for someone to take my statement. I had another assignment to cover so I left, with the intent of returning the next day to complete the paperwork.

So, technically I guess, when people say on various posts that he was “arrested,” they are accurate in the same sense that he “arrested” that OPP sergeant. But on the other hand, since my statement was yet to be filed, McHale is right in saying there were no charges filed against him at this time.

You see? Perception is everything.

So, Mr. McHale, consider the above a clarification and not a retraction and most certainly not an apology.

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Jim Windle

Jim Windle

Jim Windle is a veteran news and sports reporter who has been published in a number of mediums and publications. contact Jim: windlejim@rocketmail.com

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  • warriorblood bloodz
    January 12, 2015, 10:50 pm

    Only good minds welcomed to turtle island

  • warriorblood bloodz
    January 12, 2015, 10:48 pm

    Maybe it would be better to go back in time an keep the scum off turtle island .. We made the mistake once in trust,n and help all those dying lost people ..next time naw

  • warriorblood bloodz
    July 8, 2014, 2:46 am

    how can that gary guy prove natives are not natives?? in order to make a legal Canadian citizens arrest on a canadian the person has to be canadian not hotineshonni right?? so if the rule of law applies then that gary guy commited a terrorist act when he made canada beat up a hotineshonni person a few weeks back?? zionist ring a bell fyi mr. rightoues also got the boot of a church!! you know chch did a story of how the peace may come to confrontion..so someone can go and charge gary and his followers with disturbing the peace for they come to six nations six nations does not go to his home?? the rule of law starts with the tekani teiohate(two row treaty)) and why do the natives always have more Canadians on their side then gary .. i was born free as a kayohkonnq … Canadians are true people of the crown and are supposed to be our friends and allies of the hotineshonni (six nations)) war of 1812 and others proved that hotineshonni are not canadian !!

  • TerrorIsEvil
    July 6, 2014, 2:33 pm

    Gary McHale wants equality for all before the law. The press are gobsmacked over the fact that Gary makes such a big deal of this one occupation site forgetting that this same occupation is happening repeatedly throughout Canada – without a word of protest and with no media coverage. Good for Gary and others for bringing this to everyone’s attention. Freedom has a greater importance than the rant of people who see all whites as oppressors and idiots there to serve their selfish needs and political aspirations at the expense of Canada. If the native community think that they can get a better deal by occupying land and making that land into a wasteland, then they are wrong. If they think that democratic government and modern western society is incompatible with their culture, then they are wrong – some of their own leaders act like dictators and bullies and have their hands in the pockets of not only Canadian governments at all levels but also the pockets of their own people, whom they rip off. The leftists who tag along under the native umbrella as a sign of penance for their white guilt and because they too want to destroy Canada instead of building Canada together as one people, are a big part of the problem. Yes, all this arrest and counter-arrest looks very juvenile and silly but it is a lot better to draw attention to the lack of law and order and the favoritism shown to the few (serving no one’s best interest) than to wait until we wake up to a Canada which has disappeared into the hands of many special interest groups, leftist politicos and others all to willing to divide the spoils at the cost of freedom and the future of the entire population – all the people.

    • warriorblood bloodz@TerrorIsEvil
      July 8, 2014, 3:13 am

      you know hate is learnt.. only you know when you learnt it but to choose to live hate is not very canadian?? or human??

  • Gary McHale
    July 6, 2014, 12:37 pm

    Mr. Windle, as an agent for Two Row Times, as admitted in this story that his arrest of me was funny. As such, Windle assaulted me and now has posted the story admitting to grabbing me. I have copied the story along with my posts. Clearly Windle was acting on behalf of Two Row Times when he assaulted me. As such, any such will be for the assault and defamation. Windle created the fake arrest in order to have something to publish and Two Row Times has allowed it to be published.

    • Curtis Nixon@Gary McHale
      July 6, 2014, 6:39 pm

      mcfail, what’s your problem? Wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Carrot up your bum? Or is just a perpetual bad hair day for you? Maybe, just maybe, it’s time you rethink your life, and maybe, just maybe, actually do something useful for a change. You could be a garbage collector. Or a cowhand. Hell, you might even be able to comprehend the fine art of busing tables one day.

      As for your hilarious accusations, I say, good luck with that. Even the City of Vancouver recognizes they’re on stolen land. You could respect that. You know, that pesky thing called history? But I’m guessing the closest thing you’ve ever read to history, is that book of mythological fairy tales known as the bible….. You can try to correct me on that, but I’m gonna guess this comment is going to get more likes than your ignorant drivel.

      Anyway, in closing, you must like cells or something? Seems to me, you’ve been arrested quite a few times. Almost like you have a fetish for cops…

      • TerrorIsEvil@Curtis Nixon
        July 6, 2014, 9:43 pm

        Curtis, I think that
        Gary is doing something very useful; he is educating the public. Some people
        are hard-wired to believe that everything belongs to them and that treaties
        only matter when they happen to work in their favour but not recognized if they
        do not (and the government of Canada is constantly denigrated when things do
        not go their way). Gary and others are concerned about Canada and what it will
        look like if it were given away to people who hate Canada and only recognize
        their own kind- referring to everyone else as “bigots” and “racists.” Gary is concerned when courts give away our heritage – a heritage that belongs to everyone, not only the native communities. As
        much as people would like to go back in time and re-write history, it just is
        not possible. The Supreme Court judges are trying their damned to re-write history
        – they do so because the leftist activist judges have bought into the idea that
        Canada is not a nation and that our Charter means nothing. They will not be
        around when Canada breaks up as a result of their contrived rulings. We seem
        upset when separatists in Quebec dare to separate from Canada but when the
        leftists and some of the native groups they use and abuse as agents for their
        own desired socialist change want to split Canada into tribes, people remain
        mute and dumb – as if it does not mater…or perhaps they have been propagandised into thinking it improper to defend their own rights and this great nation we call

        • Clive Garlow@TerrorIsEvil
          July 7, 2014, 12:31 am

          There is no doubt in my mind that you believe everything you write. You’ve taken verbal bile, drivel, paranoia and vitriol to a whole new level.

          So “….Gary is concerned when courts give away our heritage…” Then you write: “….they do so because the leftist activist judges have bought into the idea that
          Canada is not a nation and that our Charter means nothing.”

          First, It’s too bad these judges weren’t around while your forefathers saw to it that OUR heritage was damned near eradicated from the face of the earth. If you mean that you’re concerned about losing your heritage, what heritage would you be concerned about? Canada is a collection of heritages….INCLUDING OURS!!!

          Second. You denigrate Eight SCoC judges as being “leftist activists.” in a UNANIMOUS decision that upheld the very RULE OF LAW you hayseeds carry on about. THEN…you have the gall to tell people that WE complain when the Treaties and court decisions go against us? Listen to YOU whine because the recent SCoC decision wasn’t in your favour. For cryin’ out loud, are you people capable of any kind of consistency or able to just make up your minds what in hell you wanna whine about?

          You can say what you want about us (and you do, in spades), but one thing you cannot say about us is, we’re not consistent!!! We are and you just can’t handle it!

        • TerrorIsEvil@Clive Garlow
          July 7, 2014, 6:42 am

          “Canada is a
          collection of heritages….INCLUDING OURS!!!” I agree completely with your
          statement and that is why occupations and Supreme Court giveaways are
          ridiculous – they take the land away from “a collection of heritages”
          and place Canada in the hands of one heritage and their backers (and lawyers
          and politicians). Yes, you are consistent, Clive, consistently working against
          the best interests of the native cause. You work from a mindset of anger and insult
          and hatred against those you deem to be standing in way of, perhaps, a
          totalitarian tribal kleptocracy. I respect and admire people on an individual
          basis (all people) but I do not always admire the propagandistic politics of
          some and the crap that they follow in the name of their particular beliefs. I
          do not want Canada in the hands of one group – it will not help their cause to be
          separate from the rest of society. You are the modern day version of the colonial
          powers because you want to condemn native populations to isolation from society.

        • Clive Garlow@TerrorIsEvil
          July 7, 2014, 11:22 am

          Unfortunately, “my [your] Canada,” as you put it, IS in the hands of one group….The Conservatives. But you’re dead wrong about us wanting to isolate ourselves from “colonial society.” Native peoples, Inuit included, at the beginning, have clearly demonstrated our willingness to interact in a spirit of cooperation and co-existence. That historical fact is set in stone. We have always indicated our absolute willingness to negotiate in good faith….with the emphasis on “good faith.” You cannot say in truth, that the colonial government reciprocated in any meaningful way. Had they done so, we would not be where we are today, at 6s & 7s with each other. Deadlocked.
          Your reply might have some credibility if you had addressed the point I made about your favourite war cry of “Rule of Law!” You’ve repeatedly insisted that we abide by the Rule of Law. The SCoC decision, whether you like it or not, is now law! And it won’t be the last one you have to deal with. More on the way because…..in case you can’t see it….their decisions are based on legal precedent and case law.
          Your claim that I am working against the best interests of my people. Bunk! What we have in you is, just another person with the typical colonial mind-set telling us we’re doing it wrong and that “we know what’s best for you.”
          Now, direct your energies toward dealing with the oligarchy government YOU put in power with a majority no less. (that was a real smart move and you presume to advise us?). No, you’ve got MUCH larger issues to deal with than worrying about a bunch of Indians who spend a whole whack of cash in Caledonia, Hagersvllle and Brantford.
          Last, I do NOT work from a mindset of anger and insult. You’ve confused it with determination. As far as insults are concerned, if the shoe fits……….

        • TerrorIsEvil@Clive Garlow
          July 7, 2014, 11:49 am

          Yes, the Conservatives are in power as a result of a free
          and fair election by all the people. Do you not like democracy in general or do
          you just like democracy when your picks are selected? You know, sophomoric and empty hackneyed terms such as “colonial mind-set” reveal your own educational indoctrination/background probably
          coming from those lefties who use the situation and the indigenous people for
          their own political motivations/ends. The government of Canada under Harper is not your
          enemy, it is the contagion of hate and violence running through parts of the
          indigenous community, and the focusing of efforts on extremism rather than
          building workable communities with the bounty that Canada has provided us all. What you call “determination” I call nascent

        • Clive Garlow@TerrorIsEvil
          July 7, 2014, 12:47 pm

          Democracy. No, I do not like your version of democracy. It has been prostituted by politicians and has morphed into something unrecognizable. Your Democracy has been raped by a corrupt legal system. Put away all notions that you have a Justice System. You do not! It’s a legal system governed by case law and legal precedent. On the other hand, if you want an example of true Democracy, you need look no further than the Great Law of the Iroquois, touted by legal scholars as the “longest surviving participatory democracy on earth.” It’s clear this destroys the claim by the Greeks of being the authors of democracy at a time when their women were chattels.
          And the bounties this country has provided us all? We, of course, will be allowed to share in these bounties on your terms.
          Tell you what. Let us, you and I, agree to disagree and part as enemies. This, from your “nascent” terrorist next door.

        • TerrorIsEvil@Clive Garlow
          July 7, 2014, 1:06 pm

          I see, so you do not
          want any cooperation nor working together, you just want annihilation. It is that
          attitude that is responsible for the impoverishment and undoing of some who
          accept and internalize the racism that is instilled in them against non-natives. That, my friend, is Caledonia in a nutshell. Your idealization of native justice and culture is part of a grand delusion of grandeur and supremacy. The freedoms and opportunities offered to natives today are equal to or better than those offered to the average Canadian. With leaders espousing your diatribe, it is no surprise that
          the indigenous people are in such a state of chaos despite the generosity of
          Canada – that bounty all finds its way into the pockets of the extremists.

        • Clive Garlow@TerrorIsEvil
          July 7, 2014, 7:27 pm

          Keep it up TerrorisEvil – (can’t even spell your pseudonym correctly), and we’ll book you on the U.S. talk show circuit as a follow-up to Rob Ford. America seems to love “funny” Canadians. Especially those who see anarchy and conspiracies under every leaf and rock. You could even practice your horse-back riding. Then you could ride through Binbrook holding a flashlight yelling, “The Indians are coming. The Indians are coming.” Make Paul Revere proud in the process too.

        • TerrorIsEvil@Clive Garlow
          July 7, 2014, 11:07 pm

          I seem to have hit a deep nerve with that terrorism and extremist comment, right Clive?

        • Clive Garlow@TerrorIsEvil
          July 8, 2014, 10:56 am

          Naw. Don’t flatter yourself. Just tired of the same repetition of what appears to be McWho’s personal manifesto. You sound like his parrot. No, not nerves, just inured to your excessive verbosity.

        • Curtis Nixon@TerrorIsEvil
          July 7, 2014, 5:42 pm

          terrorisevil is a useful idiot!

        • TerrorIsEvil@Curtis Nixon
          July 7, 2014, 11:05 pm

          Curtis Nixon is a useless idiot!

        • Curtis Nixon@TerrorIsEvil
          July 19, 2014, 4:15 pm

          at least I have a job…

        • warriorblood bloodz@TerrorIsEvil
          July 8, 2014, 3:17 am

          you call it canada ?? others country`s starting to call it stolen??

        • TerrorIsEvil@warriorblood bloodz
          July 8, 2014, 9:27 am

          It is too bad that some see equality before the law as being wrong and twist it into something bad. Hate is coming from those who want to go back in time to when Canada did not exist. Time is something that you can’t erase – like you attempt to erase the truth.

          The only hate I see in this debate is the hate against Canadians from certain leaders in the indigenous community.

          They are more interested in power and land grabs than making their people self-sufficient, proud contributors to society. Some leaders want to implement a totalitarian system (installing their own at the top) that hides behind and is covered up by a veneer of native “culture.”

        • warriorblood bloodz@TerrorIsEvil
          August 29, 2014, 5:24 am

          if time cannot be erased then the treaties in that time cannot be so pay your land lease money an all other expenses you as canada or people of the crown owe here on turtle island!!.. understand the tekeni:teiohate an how we are exempt from foreign law from the ship canada and usa came from..if canada had any balls then why the heck are they afraid to talk to the real “leaders“ traditional..band council is canada so plz leave six nations lands if not of good mind this land is for six nations not canada!!!

    • Clive Garlow@Gary McHale
      July 7, 2014, 12:51 am

      What a drama queen! Mr. Windle is not an “agent” for the Two Row Times, he’s an employee AND a citizen acting of his own free will. If you think your claim of him being an agent and in turn naming the Two Row Times as a respondent….it won’t wash. Further, Mr. Windle did not assault you. As required by Canadian law and in order for a citizen’s arrest to be legal, he placed his hand on your shoulder. Assault charge withdrawn or dismissed. And for your personal edification, James is one hell of a good reporter and sure as hell doesn’t “need” to find something to publish. You’re just not the center of the universe in all things McWho. Making up news of you isn’t hard. You give freely of yourself and have made yourself cannon fodder for the press. Now take your little red rubber ball and go back home…..for now. We’ll see you again soon. Right?
      I hope the citizens of Caledonia finally see you for what you really are and anything further I could say about you would be censored.

      • Gary McHale@Clive Garlow
        July 7, 2014, 2:22 pm

        “no different than his own outrageous charges
        against Six Nations people”. Thus proving that he was making a point about my arrest and not that he thinks his arrest is serious.
        Furthermore, Mr. Windle claims I was arrest for “bench of peace” – no such charge and something no citizen can do. Finally, he claims I was arrest on a charge of intimidation but again every charge requires by law that the person making the arrest to have evidence to support the particular charge.

        Mr. Windle has no clue what makes up the charge of intimidation. Therefore, he cannot have reasonable grounds to arrest someone on that charge.

        The courts are very clear – citizens arrest carries with it the legal cost both criminally and civilly liability if the person is wrong. Mr. Windle doesn’t even know he cannot arrest for “bench of peace” and he doesn’t know what it takes to have reasonable grounds for a riot and intimidation. Mr. Windle make have thought it would be great to have “Tit-for-Tac” but that isn’t reasonable grounds to do an arrest.

        This newspaper has published Mr. Windle’s false arrest and claims of criminal act done by me. The Libel laws are very clear about publishing statement about people committing crimes.

        Please contact me by email GaryMcHale@shaw.ca in order to have some sort of arrangement to avoid court – screen captures have been taken to establish in court that I tried to reach a settlement.

        different than his own outrageous charges against Six Nations people –
        See more at:

        • Curtis Nixon@Gary McHale
          July 7, 2014, 5:41 pm

          lolz…no one cares what you have to say gary…



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