School play carries anti-bullying theme

SIX NATIONS – Students at I.L.Thomas School at Six Nations wrote and will be performing a powerful anti-bullying play they call, “I Wanna See You Be Brave”.
The troop has begun serious rehearsals after class and are working very hard at it.

Auditions were held and the cast was selected under the direction of drama teacher Julia Jamieson, who is working with the young actors, playwriters and back-stage crew, getting ready for the play’s big debut, the first week in June, date to be set.

“It carries a strong message about bullying and how to stand and be brave in the face of it,” says Jamieson. “Through the process, the kids have been building friendships and learning the tools to speak up for themselves and for others who feel they can’t.” (Photo by Jim Windle).

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