Six Nations elder selected to Order of Canada

SIX NATIONS – Six Nations Mohawk Elder, Janice Jan (Kahehti:io) Longboat can add yet another honour to her life’s accomplishments after being selected to the Order of Canada.

Longboat was one of 100 new appointments for the honour named by Governor General David Johnston on Saturday.

“I’m delighted to recognize these new recipients of the Order of Canada in this milestone year,” Johnston said in a statement. “Besides marking Canada’s 150th birthday, 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the Order.

“So let’s be inspired by the examples set by these remarkable Canadians and use this occasion to build a smarter and more caring country in which every individual can succeed to the greatest extent possible.”

A short ceremony was held on the opening of aboriginal persons’ court in Brantford, Saturday to give local honour to the appointment. Robert Kindon, Brant County Crown Attorney, Justice Kevin Sherwood, and Justice Gethin Edward used the Dish With One Spoon wampum belt to underscore the historic first peace treaty made in North America between all native nations before European contact (made between the League of Five Nations and its allies, and the confederacy of Anishinabek and allied nations).

The dish with one spoon reminds people we only have one dish, one mother earth we can take from. We should take only what we need, leave something for others, and keep the dish clean. It also demonstrates our collective responsibility to share equally.

Longboat is being recognized from the Six Nations Reserve for her efforts to preserve and disseminate knowledge of indigenous medicine and culture.

The Order of Canada was created in 1967 and is one of the country’s highest civilian honours recognizing outstanding achievement, dedication to community and service to the nation. Close to 7,000 people from all sectors of society have been invested in the Order.

The inductees will receive their insignias at a later ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the Order of Canada, in Ottatwa.

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  1. Mrs. Longboat states that Six Nations persons of mixed race without a clan are essentially white people. Jan’s philosophy is based on gender and familial discrimination as well as division of our people. Certainly not elder material in my opinion. Alex Jamieson Jr.

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