Six Nations Marketplace expands into Brant with Oakhill Marketplace Grand Opening

BRANTFORD — Over 1000 people were in attendance on Saturday to launch the inaugural weekend of the Oakhill Marketplace.

The new space is the second market space for Six Nations businessman John General.

General said, “I started the Six Nations Marketplace in December of 2017 because I wanted to give our local small business owners and artists a voice and a vehicle to be seen and heard.”

And the response has been huge. With an ongoing schedule of special events booked each weekend and vendors filling the market spaces — calling the Marketplaces a success is an understatement. Earlier this year a spring Easter egg hunt brought hundreds out for an evening of fun at the Six Nations Marketplace. Now, the Oakhill location is looking to be as capable and popular at drawing in crowds for their fun family events.

General says he hopes the new location will draw even more people out to Six Nations to get a taste of the local culture, “A lot of potential customers either can’t make it to our on reserve location or for one reason or another believe they’re not welcome on the reserve. I hope with this second location we can introduce more Native arts to our non-indigenous friends.”

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