Location of Tutelo longhouse and burial ground no mystery

BRANT – The exact location of the Tutelo Indian’s longhouse on what is now known as Tutela Heights, is well known by longtime residents of the picturesque site overlooking the Grand River.

At recent community meetings in Brantford, Brant and Six Nations regarding the large housing development targeted by land bankers, Walton International, there has been concern spoken over the desecration of the former Tutelo Village, a significant historical site.

Archaeological Services Inc., has been hired by Walton to perform the necessary archaeological surveying of the area, and have stated that have not found any sign of burial ground or the central Longhouse of the Tutelos.

But longtime residents of the area know exactly where they are and wonder why ASI has been unable to locate then, despite an earlier survey done in the 1970’s that mapped exactly where these significant sites are.

“It’s not been a big secret,” says a former resident who grew up on the Heights. “I can take you right where these sites are. Why ASI can’t seem to find them is a bit of a mystery.”

Six Nations Elected Council has entered into agreements with Walton in exchange for some form of compensation. However, others including the men’s fire, the traditional Confederacy Council as well as the Mohawk Workers continue to oppose the project. Watch next week’s Two Row Times for more on this important story.

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