Message to Elsipogtog, from Kahnesatake

Support has come for the Elsipogtog First Nation from across Canada today. Ellen Gabriel of Kanehsatake released a video to support the people of Elsipogtog. RCMP moved into Elsipogtog earlier today to remove protesters standing against shale gas fracking on the unceded Mikmaq territory. “We very much identify with what you have been through this morning.” she says. “one of the lessons we have from the crisis is to beware of provocateurs.”

[youtube width=”100%”]fWoV0UA4eik[/youtube]

She warns the people of Elsipogtog of government informers and says the people need to maintain peace. She also related how at the Oka crisis they became familiar with the overuse of violence and force by police. She says, “To those politicians who have been watching, if you say nothing you condone the violence and it is unacceptable.”

Over 40 people were arrested earlier today as the RCMP trampled a sacred fire established at the barricades on Route 134 near Rexton, New Brunswick. Earlier this month, chief and council of the Elispogtog First Nation put out a statement saying, “Harper and the Conservative government have lifted restrictions to environmental protections of our lands and water” and “the provincial government is turning over all land to a corporation for their own benefit… we have lost confidence in governments for the safekeeping of our lands.”

He continued, saying that the Elsipogtog First Nations would be “reclaiming all unoccupied reserve lands. We have been instructed by our people that they are ready, willing, and able to go out and stake their own claims on all unoccupied lands for their own use and benefit.”

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  1. Has anyone noticed that, when police arrive at these “events,” such as Oka, Ipperwash, Caledonia, Brantford and Rexton, that everything goes to hell in a hand cart? Ottawa and the provinces might do well to reconsider how they wish to deal with the concerns of Canada’s first Peoples.

  2. my god……….not since Chaplin’s ‘Great Dictator’ speech was I so moved, but this woman, native woman, reduced me to tears. She’s flawless. Relentless. And means well to serve a higher purpose amongst Humanity – the desire for Peace. Bless this woman, for she’s truly a true Canadian Hero.

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