Trump dismisses New Mexico senator as “Pocahontas”

NEW MEXICO – The bombastic republican presidential candidate Donald Trump added yet another ethnic group to his growing list of people he has alienated by stereotyping the American Indian. Trump called U.S. senator from New Mexico, Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” in a twitter feud between the two, in which Warren refers to Trump as a “loser”. Warren Claims American Indian heritage.

Earlier in May, Warren called Trump “a bully” who “spews insults and lies.” In response, he called her a “fraud” who is “weak and ineffective” and “not Native American.”

He called her out on her unsubstantiated claims of ancestry. Warren’s claim to have had a Cherokee great grandfather could not be substantiated when she was challenged on that claim during her own election.

Whether she is or is not, is really not the issue. His immediate racist response is, and many American Indians are offended by Trump’s comment.

Others are seeking an apology, not from Trump but from Warren.

“Shame on Elizabeth Warren for pretending to be Native American at U of Penn. and Harvard for free tuition 20 years ago. Warren should resign and apologize to Native Americans,” said one posted tweet.

Another says, “Trump can apologize to Native Americans for using the name of Pocahontas like it’s a dirty word.”

Warren’s name has been floated as a potential vice president for Clinton, and even Vice President Joe Biden considered asking her to be on his ticket when he was thinking of mounting a bid last August.

“We are grateful to see leaders of all stripes calling him out for his divisive comments,” said Christina Reynolds, a Clinton spokeswoman. “As a leader and major advocate in holding Wall Street accountable, Senator Warren’s voice is particularly important and we are glad she’s helping lead the fight.”

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  1. It’s embarrassing to see this article state Senator Warren, who represents Massachusetts, is a senator from New Mexico. I have a lot of admiration for Senator Warren, as I do from my two Senators from here in New Mexico.

  2. Elizabeth Warren is the US senator from Massachusetts. It might benefit you to do some basic fact checking but then again you are the media so I wouldn’t expect even that much

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