Warriors blockade at Tyendinaga demanding inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women

About 80-100 men gathered to erect a blockade at on Tyendinaga territory Sunday night at about 8:30 p.m. Sources told the Two Row Times that two large fires are going across the street and vehicles are parked, blocking Shannonville Road.

A direct message was sent to the federal government from the Mohawks at Tyendinaga earlier this month demanding an inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada by February 28th. Shawn Brant told the Two Row Times, “That date at the end of the month is a date that everyone is taking seriously. But we haven’t heard anything, not even a negative response.”

Brant said that even if the federal government released a statement saying ‘no’ it would have made a difference. “We’ve had no response at all.” said Brant. With no reply from the public request for an inquiry many feel that direct action is the only way to get a response from Ottawa.

Brant told the Two Row Times, “People have been angry and people are angry about whats happened to Loretta [Saunders]. Everybody wants to go. We have a plan that is in place and we are not going to get knocked off course.”

In Ottawa last Friday both Liberal and NDP MP’s addressed the call for an inquiry during question period. Conservative representatives then indicated that they have already committed $25 million to the National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains but no commitment has been made to investigate why indigenous women are being targeted as victims specifically.

The Mohawk community of Tyendinaga are not the only ones crying out for a public inquiry into the tragic statistic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Earlier this month a delegation of the Native Women’s Association of Canada presented the federal government with a petition for an inquiry signed by a staggering 23,000 people. That petition was delivered to the federal government the same day Loretta Saunders was murdered. Saunders was in the process of writing her thesis on missing and murdered indigenous women when she was killed.

A statement issued by the NWAC says “Just in the past six months, NWAC has noted that at least eight Aboriginal women have been murdered. “These statistics should raise the alarm for all Canadians,” stated President, Michèle Audette.  Much too frequently, somewhere in Canada, families feel the pain and loss of a loved one who has been a victim of violence. This happens way too often for our Aboriginal people, and to the most vulnerable in our society, the women and girls.”

A vigil calling for an inquiry is being planned by the Native Women’s Association of Canada to be held this Wednesday at Parliament Hill.

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  1. In my travels, I have been able to investigate that indigenous peoples all over the world have been abused by the paleface in a very secretive manner. The paleface is a liar, a theif, a murderer, and a sexual deviant along with the language of English. In any business that they covert, is all about themselves, which is why they glorify themselves in anyway possible just to get money for themselves. They continue to rape Mother Earth each day and trample on her as they please, but time is at hand now and Mother will do her job as she is the Mother who works with the Creator. Aha. Let the ones who walk in the dark fall because they are falling and they are now crying around because they don’t have a home to go home to. Aha. Let them fall. Mother Earth’s water is contaminated because of their greedy filthy minds that they possess.

    1. Strong, but yes. I agree. Our Mother is in the process of setting everything right again and while it won’t be pretty, her correction is needed. We must remember the instruction of Shonkwaya’ti:shon to honour and respect all people and things of creation and to “be of the good mind.” We must not gloat when they fall as many Onkwehon’we will fall as well. To wish our non-Native brothers and sisters harm, will only bring those wishes upon ourselves. Remember, it’s all a circle. But we will survive as will many of them and many Native prophesies tell us, we’ll be called upon to take them in and teach them the ways of living in harmony with our Mother, to impart to them all the knowledge we possess so that we can all move forward, together, in peace, in a beautiful new world. These are good words but not mine. They are given to us all by our Creator, Shonkwaya’ti:shon.

  2. May the Great Spirit look after the loved one of the Missing or Murdered women.

  3. I reside on a Reservation in S.D. murder is not really investigated . .lots of suspect suicide . .the Authorities in charge sure do like to send em to prison for DUI and bad checks, or what-ever . .FYI I am non-Indian.

  4. prayers are with the families..may god be with them and may god stop these senseless murders..I am a relative of shawn Brant through my Jones ancesters..God Bless You..:)

  5. Even after the BC inquiry nothing has been done to directly ensure women’s safety. Maybe this is the correct way to get action. I used to believe in the political process but am having severe doubts lately that the BC government is paying any more than lip service to this atrocious situation.

  6. Good luck.
    We, all of Canada, need an inquiry into these missing women.
    Do what you must to make that happen.
    Follow the money, who benefits at this time more than ever by silencing First Nations?
    It’s the mining corporations/Queen of England.
    Canada has registered 75% of all the registered mining companies in the world, why is that?
    The Queen owns everything below 6 inches in Canada.
    The tar sands in Alberta, and soon to be Saskatchewan, are the largest corporate investment in the world. The last bit of fossil fuel extraction will be the worst for the planet, and all life on earth.
    Find out who’s inciting fear and pain for First Nations people.
    Get the inquiry that’s needed to stop this tragedy and begin to unwind these destructive processes.


    1. The queen she I so called disgrace….turn her head to what’s happening in Canada…but takes the money from tax payers

  7. As of 5:00 PM yesterday Sunday), I personally counted 27 police vehicles, many of the heavy 4 -wheel drive variety and that’s just the ones I could see. I also drove to the Hampton Inn at Napanee as I had heard there were many O.P.P. officers billeted there. True. The police are indeed billeted there. Canadian taxpayers, so quick to condemn the money allocated to Canadian reserves should be screaming about this excessive use of their tax money.
    In my travels yesterday, I was accosted by police twice and made to produce my identification. (Racial profiling) as I was doing nothing but sitting in my car (alone) wondering where all the Indians were. I that out to the police noting that I was the only Indian in sight. Why so many police for just one Indian?
    One officer told me that they were there to “help you [us] in any way we can.” I told him I advocate peaceful relations between my people and the police but “please don’t feed me bullshit.” I’ve stood with my people at Hagersville, Brantford, Caledonia & Red Hill Valley and if there’s one thing I know, it’s B.S. when I hear it.”
    Clive Garlow

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