Clearing the waters

Dear Editor,

I picked up a copy of Two Row Times at the Tim Horton’s in Hagersville, and spent my coffee time reading your interesting newspaper.

I’m not too conversant on AFN politics, although from news media sources it would seem that National Chief Bellegarde is not too happy with the Harper government, with, for example, generally insufficient funding, and changes in the so-called Fair Elections Act, which make it more difficult for First Nations to express their voice.

So I was pleased to read the headline on page 10 that the “(Six Nations) Polytechnic gets $1.4m shot in the arm.”  Imagine my surprise/horror to read in the article that the money came “from the Conservative Party of Canada.”  It seems that your local MP is a conservative, and I know that Aboriginal Affairs is a federal Ministry; should it not have been reported that the gift was from the Government of Canada, from all Canadians (including me!), and not from a political party that’s heading into an election and trying to look good to everyone?

This government has muddied the waters before with government money being associated with the Conservative logo.  They would obviously wish for everyone to think that it is they who are “giving away” money, and not the Government of Canada.

They do not need any help from you.  (Is that why Jim Windle is identified as “Reporter”?!)

Yours sincerely,
Allan Clark

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