The greatest power

We call ourselves the people of the earth. While we are walking this earth, we look at power and what is real. We call it in Mohawk goon na lonk wa (love). Love is the greatest power because it has the ability to travel through time. That is to say, if your grandmother showed your mother love, your mother shows you love, you show your children love and on and on it travels.

The heart is the universal symbol of love. Everyone understands it. On the other side of the heart I carved a feather, representing an eagle feather which represents a message from the creator of the Great Law which says if you can have a respect and understanding that everything the creator made on this earth for us is to show us how to love.

When you get into this understanding, this is where you will find the Great Peace. When the creator sent the Peacemaker to stop the people of the longhouse from hurting each other and to unite with Peace, Power, and Righteousness, our Confederacy was born. Once the Peacemaker and Hiawahta together accomplished this, the Peacemaker transformed into the eagle which is why we hold the eagle in such high esteem.

Hence the feather is in the centre of the heart. In the centre of the feather there’s a line which represents the path the Creator intended for us to walk.

Don’t destroy or pollute the earth because there are other faces yet to be born that need this experience.

Here’s the neat thing about this whole idea: If you take the word HEART itself, take the H and put it behind the T you will find EARTH. Its the key for everyone. Also ART is smack dab in the middle of the whole thing!

Okwaho Randy Johnson

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