It’s Passover, Dogs are barking, Brantford Police Officer inside my house

I posted a log on my Facebook profile to alert the Brantford Mayor Kevin Davis who also acts as a Peace Officer and member of the Brantford Police Services Board of this strange and unwarranted entry into my house. Allegedly looking for the house across the street, although the Police Officer was polite and left when he realized he was in the wrong house.

The unwarranted entry into my house triggered PTSD from earlier dealings in 2012 with the Brantford Police (15 officers) assisted County Sheriff who raided and confiscated our house for unpaid taxes. This was a 7 months standoff between the Sheriff and our family, when he gained access the very first thing he did was rip the Warrior flag out of my window telling me I won’t be needing this anymore, like some insane game of capture the flag. The Sheriff “John Dobson” stepped up on my couch to take the flag in doing so stepped on my eldest boy hiding under the blankets, hiding from the terror of these armed men smashing the doors and windows to gain access. Blood everywhere, trailing through the house, bleeding from my feet from the smashed and embedded glass from defending the entry ways.

I have been in contact with the Mayor/CEO of the Corporation of the City of Brantford who provided a route for a formal complaint under the Police Services Act, but this is far beyond a common complaint, this is far more complex than that. I sent a letter to the Police Services Board to request this incident be reviewed by their insurance provider.

As a descendant of the Mohawk who have valid claim of right to peacefully possess these lands, it must be seen as a major encroachment and something no complaint form can address without a full Canadian cultural shift.

Benjamin Doolittle
Kanienkehaka Embassador-At-Large

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