Letter to Editor: The Men’s Fire of the Six Nations Territory of the Grand River

Dear Editor:

Sge:no :

It is a privilege to prepare this document to share with the community members of Turtle Island the following information to put to rest any misconception as to who the Hodiskeagehda (Men’s Fire) represent.

I am also compelled to respond to the numerous allegations and innuendos’ circulating amongst the community, with regards to the Men’s Fire. Firstly, this entity is part of the Great Law of Peace, secondly our role values the Ga’nigoh,:yo/ Kanikoriio (Respect and the Good Mind). These values, include fairness, sharing, honesty, kindness, integrity, responsibility, openness, and more.

The Constitution of the Five Nations, The code of Handsome Lake, Parker on the Iroquois.
The Establishment of The Great Peace , Pg. 26 Dekannawida Said;

We have obtained the consent of Five Nations.

These are the Mohawks, the Oneidas, the Ononadagas, the Cayugas and the Senecas.
The role of Lords/ Chiefs Pg. 38 paragraph 27, Pg.45, paragraph 58.
The roles of the Clan Mother’s Pg. 34, Pg. 41 paragraph 17.

Roles of the War Chiefs (Warriors) Hodiskeagehda (Mens Fire) Pg. 34, paragraph 19, Pg41, paragraph 37.

There are plenty more paragraphs to substantiate our existence as we are part of the Confederacy as a whole, the Great Law of Peace is the law, which has been keep, to allow us to remain sovereign for all these years.

This land is our bases for how we live our lives during the past, present, future, and for generations to come. We have this inheritance to continue our quest for sovereignty, and to build our future upon the Constitution’s FootPrint.

Hodiskeagehda – The Men’s Fire of the Six Nations Territory of the Grand River

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  1. With all due respect, that was then and this is now.
    Without any mandate from our people these days (yet who does have such a mandate at Six Nations?) isn’t the “Men’s Fire” group really just a group of loose cannons? If more time was spent building consensus among our people than just taking arbitrary actions (and that includes Band Council and the Hereditary chiefs council) we would be a much more cohesive, united, stronger, and then more peaceful people among ourselves.

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