Meeting the champ

Though I have a history of arranging for the donation of motor vehicles, paid for by the union, to the Native Men’s Residence, Na-Me-Res, the personnel there do change over, and so I wouldn’t necessarily expect the people there now to know who I am. However, they’re getting to know me again because I come by every week with the Two Row.

Today, one of the intake workers stopped me to say he reads the Two Row so regularly that he feels he’s more informed these days about Six Nations than he is about his own Reserve. I asked him where he was from. He comes from Manitoulin Island. Anyhow, he said the first item he turns to is “that girl’s” column. “You mean Nahnda Garlow,” I said. “We have something in common, you and I. Hers is the first column I read, too.”

When I saw that George Chavalo was on the cover, I knew of a place where the edition would be welcomed. That’s the Country Style coffee shop at Kipling and Brookmere. George is a regular there. I walked in, and sure enough, the champ was there today as he is so often. Sitting down at his table and pointing to the front page photo on this week’s Two Row, I asked him, “Do you know this guy?” Well, how nice! He asked for three and then, on second thought, for five copies.

“Just tell people where you’re speaking tomorrow that you got the Two Row from a guy named Steve.” If he doesn’t remember my name, it’s no matter. I remember his. His story had a great impact on me when I heard it at the union education centre in Port Elgin some years ago. I gave away another 20 or so to everyone in the coffee shop. His friends there liked that, too.

Steve Watson
Retired Unifor staff and Two Row Times supporter

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