Peoples Social Forum next week

Dear editors,
For those Haudenosaunee that can attend the Peoples Social Forum next week from Aug 21-24 in Ottawa, we have a limited amount of money for gas for the drivers.

This event is going to be very special. Ongwehonweh from BC to the Eastern Coast will be there. The unity among us all has begun. This event takes place at Ottawa University. A Sacred Fire is to be lit at 6am on Victoria Island Aug 21st.Only question is can you be there too?

The convergence of allies includes students, unions, environmentalists, activists and thousands of ordinary individuals. We expect over 10,000 to attend. It’s time to seize the future with Ongwehonweh leading the way. We seek to unite with all people on Turtle Island and to have our voices heard in directing change.

We have lived on Turtle Island since time immemorial and we kept the land clean and free of destruction for centuries before contact. We know this land intimately because we are people of the land and we are the land. We are guardians of the harmonious cycles of the land. If the land dies, we die.

Come and be a part of history. Haudenosaunee people have much to share. For more information go to For information on available gas for drivers contact Charlotte Jacobs at 905-912-1723 or Donna Powless at 519-732-4856.

Wes Elliott

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