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Kind of an essay, but worth the read I think… As John’s funding campaign is coming to a close for this quarter, I was musing over the fact how fortunate the native community is to have someone so dedicated to their issues. I wish I could stick his spirit in a Xerox machine so I could have a copy to utilize for other issues!

I walk on the safe side of the street. I have a very stable job and am assured that I will get paid every two weeks and even have hope of promotions eventually. John on the other hand, has deliberately chosen to forgo many material things in order to preserve and advance native causes. He cannot rely on a regular paycheck, never mind hope for a promotion.

I know I am going to receive a couple weeks of paid vacation, sick time and other days off. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t get that. His last “vacation” was interrupted by phoning into his own, apparently hijacked, radio show from the middle of the desert. That is amazing dedication and yes, even bravery!

I say brave, because there is no way I would do what he is doing. I like the fantasy world that I am living in, thinking that I am in control by having a stabile job and projecting what my future will hold. I think it is safe to say that his world does not include those ideas.

Trying to imagine how he and his wife budget for things got me to thinking about his bills. The air time he pays for really isn’t really his bill. In reality it belongs to everyone who is affected by what he is fighting for. He is paying our bill for us. The idea of that will make me feel rather strange every time I shove an unneeded treat in my mouth or buy some piece of junk made by an underpaid worker half way around the world.

It really won’t take much to totally cover OUR bills if we all chip in just a little each quarter. He, his wife, and even his children have given and given up much in order for him to do this for us. I am pretty sure that he could have had (and still could have) a stellar, lucrative, career in whatever field he would have chosen to involve himself in.

Someone mentioned to me that he CHOSE to do this, no one forced him to. If he had chosen not to do this, there would be a big hole in front line of warriors attempting to protect and bring about change. We need to take good care of this man who is doing something we are unable, or unwilling to do for ourselves.

There are many ways to support him. One way is to tell anyone and everyone about him, his radio shows and his message. I am constantly amazed at how something can snowball with one small conversation. Someone hears about him from someone just like you and me and they know someone who would be interested in having him speak and before you know it, he is offered a full time job doing radio and television shows, complete with a golden parachute.

Let’s do this!!! Thanks John to you and your family!

Cynthia Treis

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