ALL Update: climbing Snipers in the mens division with super sevens for the women’s division

SIX NATIONS — On February 26, the Millbrook Arena opened for the first of the four weekly games had by the Arena Lacrosse League’s (ALL) Eastern Men’s Division. Bringing together the Six Nations Snipers and the Peterborough Timbermen, the game reached the double digits for the Snipers.

Travis Longboat made a large showing with five goals overall and one assist, with Vernon Hill close behind clearing a hat trick and four assists. This was trailed by Scott Del Zotto burying 4 and clearing 5 assists himself.

Other notable goals for the Snipers came from Josh Miller, Mike McGlaughlin, Kevin Owen Hill (2), Justin Martin (2), Body Shields, Wesley Whitlow, and Daris Anderson.

The Sniper finished off the Timbermen 22-11 by the final.

Across to the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre on the same day, the Toronto Monarchs and Paris RiverWolves met up to produce a solid win for the Monarchs. With two top players in Aiden Walsh and Campbell Parker, the Monarchs remained on top 11-7.

At the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena (ILA) on February 27, the Whitby Steelhawks met up with the St. Catharines Shockwave. Featuring Shockwave goals from Leland Powless, Chris Attwood (2), Wayne Hill and Danton Miller, the Shockwave took a solid winning standpoint on the scoreboard with a 14-6 final.

Coming into the last game of the weekend and the Snipers second showing, the Snipers met up with the Oshawa Outlaws at the ILA. Alec Tamas (2) opened scoring for the Snipers, followed by Tye Argent, Tyler Brown (3), Mike McGlaughlin (2), Ross Hill, Kevin Owen Hill, and Johnny Powless.

But unable to break the deficit, the Snipers fell to the Outlaws with a close match of 13-11.

The standings changed around for the Snipers who climbed to reach second place under the Peterborough timber men.

On Saturday, March 5, the Snipers will face the Steelhawks on Milbrook soil at 5:00pm (EST). The next games to come to the ILA fall on Sunday, March 6 with the Toronto Monarchs facing the Shockwave at 1:00pm, and the Outlaws facing off with the Paris RiverWolves at 4:00pm (EST).

Standings for the ALL Eastern Women’s Division also saw some changes:

On Saturday, February 26, the ILA saw all four games with the Lady Steelhawks meeting up with the Lady RiverWolves and delivering a significant loss, 7-0. The Lady Snipers saw an equal exchange with the Lady Shockwave with a final of 7-7. The Lady Snipers then went into their back-to-back game agains the Lady RiverWolves and maintained a win 7-3. While the final game of the game had the Lady Steelhawks meet with the Lady Shockwave for a final of 7-5 for the Steelhawks.

The next women’s games will come to the ILA on March 5: Lady Steelhawks versus Lady Snipers at 11am, Lady RiverWolves versus Lady Shockwave at 12:15pm, Lady RiverWolves versus Lady Steelhawks at 1:30pm and Lady Shockwave versus Lady Snipers at 2:45pm (EST).

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