Amateur boxing coming to the Gathering Place

SIX NATIONS — Bell City Boxing Club will be hosting it’s first club show for 2019 on Saturday, May 25 at the Gathering Place by the Grand.

The event will feature boxers from across Canada and the USA, including locals from the Williams family and Josh Miller.

Skyler Williams said that he’s just “excited to have the fight card come to Six Nations,” as he noted that he estimates that is has been 30 years since the last amateur boxing card visited the area.

“We’re going to have a dry event at the Gathering Place,” said Skyler Williams. “We’re bringing that back to Six and making sure that it becomes as big of a spectacle as we can make it.”

He explained that the event will have a respectful atmosphere and will hold sportsmanship high as visiting fighters will be coming from other first nations as well.

“We’re going to [have the thanksgiving address performed] and a bit of ceremony where we will have the passing of gifts at the start of the event,” he said. “We have a fight team from the Red Tribe Reservation in Nova Scotia with six fighters on the card attending — one of them will be fighting Josh.”

This makes the event a hosting of other nations of sorts, and Skylar said that the group from Nova Scotia will be making their amateur debut, while he himself will be having a bout with a fighter from Toronto.

“We have two other fighters from our gym that will be fighting too,” he said. “Five of them are all from Six Nations.”

Of the five also includes Lola Williams, who fought her coming opponent twice before, with each of them earning a win.

“I’m excited, it’s gonna be good” she said.

Just last November, Lola was given a unanimous win against an opponent that was older than her and outweighed her by 10 pounds.

“I started [training] about a year and a half ago,” she said, as for this particular bout she has been preparing for for six months.

Brody Williams, on the other hand, who has been training for two years said that training fo him started as a way to get in shape.

“I had some fun and then it just kind of turned into a love for the sport and I made some friends,” said Brody.

He explained that he did sustain an injury, but took time off to heal and will be ready to go come next Saturday. As for being able to fight on home soil, Brody said it’s “gonna be fun.”

“It’s exciting, my family is going to come out and it’s gonna be a lot of fun,” he said.

While Miller of the five from Six Nations has been sparring with the likes of Skyler and Karl Hess as practice before his amateur debut.

“This is my first fight and I’ve been training for a bit over a year, so I feel more than ready,” said Miller. “I’m not really trying to think about it too much, I’m just trying to train and come ready.”

The event is hoped to have music, food and a great showing of athleticism. General admission will be $20, and for information and tickets contact Bell City Boxing at 519-757-7889.

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