Six Nations Boxer Karl ‘The Razor’ Hess means business

Boxer Karl Hess has always been known for his thunderous power.

Affectionately known as ‘Razor,’ this popular Six Nations fighter has turned heads in the boxing world since he signed his first professional contract with United Boxing Promotions back on Wednesday, December 7, 2017.

“I was super excited to sign that contract,” Hess said recently. “I never expected to be where I’ve gotten.”

Fighting out of Brantford Black Eye Boxing Club, ‘Razor’ has generated a large fan club which has played a big role in helping him get off to a solid start in posting a 3-2 record in his first five professional bouts.

“The fans are a big help and they motivate me to progress and train even harder,” Hess said. “Boxing fans give you a big boost and make you want to perform as best you can.”

Competing with the Six Nations community in his corner, ‘Razor’ lost his professional debut back in March 2018, by a split decision at Paramount Fine Food Centre in Mississauga against Mexico’s Mario Bedolla Orozco. This was a fight which saw him enter the ring under the weather, and have trouble breathing after taking an opening round hit to the nose.

“I had him winning the fight until the last round when he got hit and his glove touched the canvas which then made it a 10-8 round,” Hess’s trainer/manager Jackie Armour said. “He was doing really well but just couldn’t find the energy to put one more punch on his combos.”

Following that gutsy, resilient performance, this hard hitter electrified his fans when he recorded first round knockouts in his next two fights starting on July 21st 2018, when he demonstrated his power by knocking out Mexico fighter Cristobel Diego.

“I feel like my strengths are definitely my power and ability to keep pressure on my opponent,” Hess said. “I feel like I always need to work on cardio and fluidity with my movements.”

According to Armour, Hess turned up the heat in that opening round as he got the Six Nations fans applauding a right uppercut, followed by a left hook, and right hook combination which had Diego staggered. Hess followed this up with a sharp left hook which put his opponent on the mat.

Less than two months later, Hess showed some more thunder when back at the Paramount Fine Food Centre in Mississauga, his reputation grew as he needed only two minutes and nine seconds into the fight before recording his second knockout which came against Manuel Rodriguez.

From the opening bell, Hess was going for the body and eventually after a flurry of body shots, ended things with a right to the body.

“I was going to the body right away,” Hess said about the fight.

Fighting in January, 2019, Hess continued to impress as he continued his thrilling ascent to the top with a six round split decision win at Brampton’s CAA Centre against Mikhail Miller.

After the fight Armour stated, “The place was rocking when Karl came out. Everybody was going during the fight and in the third or fourth rounds were chanting, ‘Razor,’ ‘Razor.’ I’m sure Karl heard it.”

Riding the momentum of three straight wins, Hess climbed back into the ring eight months later when on Saturday September 14th 2019, in a super welterweight showdown at the CAA Centre in Brampton, he suffered a third -round knockout against Mponda Kalunga.

“I feel like my strengths are definitely my power and ability to keep pressure on my opponent,” Hess said. “I feel like I always need to work on cardio and fluidity with my movements.”

Heading into that last fight, Hess found himself ranked #4 in the super welterweight by Canadian Boxiana.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hess hasn’t fought since then and isn’t sure when his next fight will be held. Still, he is training and hungry to climb the super welterweight division ladder.

“There are a ton of championships and belts to be won,” Hess said. “I’m not looking for anything specific right now but I would love to win any belt as soon as possible.”

One thing is certain, whenever he next steps back into the ring, the Six Nations community and fans in Brantford will continue to be rooting in his corner.

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