Wardog Hudson signs pro-bout in N.S.

BRANTFORD — Professional heavyweight, Craig (Wardog) Hudson, stable-mate of Six Nations’ Super-welterweight, Carl “Razor” Hess, has signed his third professional bout set for November 9th, when he will travel to Sydney Nova Scotia to face New Jersey’s Willie Harvey. Hudson is a classic story or an overweight young man who decided that working out using boxing as his vehicle to a healthy lifestyle. But as the pounds melted away, Hudson’s natural fighting instincts, tenacity and trust in his Black-Eye-Boxing coaches and trainers has made way for him, and mild mannored Craig Hudson slowly became “Wardog” Hudson, a name to be reckoned with in Canadian boxing circle, despite his advanced age of 44.

“I know he’s 44 but he is in the best shape of his life, and is ranked ninth amongst Canadian heavyweights,” says Black-Eye- Boxing’s Jackie Armour.

Hudson did not have an easy professional start. New to the ring he was used as cannon fodder for veteran fighters in his first. Three bouts and three losses. Hudson took a little time off from the gym to consider his future as a pro boxer.

“He had the heart and the instincts,” says Armour, “but he was overweight and out of shape. I told him that had he been in better shape he could have won at least one of those fights. When he came back to the gym, he had lost 30-lbs and looked like he was serious about his career.”

Hudson has proven himself true to his word and has put back-to-back wins together this year and has improved his standing and his reputation as a heavyweight boxer along the way. Armour is confident that Hudson will come back to his home in Paris even at three wins and three losses after Nova Scotia.
Hudson’s professional record is now three-losses against two wins since his return to the ring after his sojourn of soul searching.

The Nova Scotia fight will be his third this year and could be his biggest so far as part of a pay-for-view package being worked on which could put him on the professional boxing map. Currently Hudson is ranked 9th in Canada as a heavyweight and a good showing would move him up that ladder as well.

Craig “Wardog” Hudson, along with club mate Carl “The Razor” Hess and other members of the Black-Eye Boxing Club, along with coach Jackie Armour are holding a series of open training sessons at Pro-Fit Health and Fitness Club in Six Nations, every Tuesday night between six and seven pm.

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