Six Nations Pro-Fit Chiefs vs. Peterborough Lakers facing off – what could be better?

SIX NATIONS – There isn’t a bigger rivelry in sports than that which exists between the Six Nations Chiefs and the Peterborough Lakers, and lacrosse fans will add another classic matchup to the list of Major Series great playoff matchups.
The Six Nations Pro-Fit Chiefs and Peterborough Lakers are set to go back at it for the Major Series Lacrosse title. The two teams begin the quest to host this year’s Mann Cup on Sunday in Peterborough at 7 p.m.
Tickets for Game 2 at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena can be purchased at Sit N Bull Variety, Village Cafe and Hill’s Snack Bar, or at the ILA.
Peterborough Lakers (1) vs Six Nations Pro-Fit Chiefs (3)
best-of-seven Major Series Lacrosse final
Game 1  Sunday August 21 at Peterborough 7 pm
Game 2 Tuesday August 23 at ILA 8 pm
Game 3 Thursday August 25 Peterborough 8 pm
Game 4 Sunday August 28 at ILA 7 pm
Game 5 Tuesday August 30 Peterborough 8 pm
Game 6 Thursday Sept 1 at ILA 8 pm
Game 7 Saturday Sept 3 Peterborough 7 pm

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