Flashy SN Wild wins B girls Championship

MISSISSAUGA – The Six Nations Wild brought the Girls Bantam Gold Medal home to Six Nations from the Little NHL after a strong tournament and a tooth and nail battle with the Bathchewana Bantam girls.

Coach Dennis MacDonald was thrilled with his team’s efforts and the strides they made throughout the tournament after losing early.

“Winning this is especially good for girls hockey at Six Nations,” said MacDonald following the win. “We put together this program and I hope more girls will get into it. There are lots of opportunities for girls to go on in this sport. It is breaking wide open now and more girls are getting involved.”

Chico Ralf, who heads up the girls division and is VP of the Little NHL told the Six Wild after giving them their trophy in the dressing room following their Atom B Division Championship win, that he wanted to see all the girls here again next year on the 20th anniversary and that there would be special features added for the girls division to mark the occasion.

“You have played some awesome hockey this week,” he said. “You have made friends at the different places you went and you provided entertainment for your parents and fans.”

Then he led the girls in a cheer for their coaches and parents who made it possible for them to be here.

To speed along the games which were running on a tight schedule, some of the trophy ceremonies on the ice were done at rink-side or in the dressing rooms.

“We had an excellent turnout in the girls division,” he said. “We had 24 teams for the girls right from Atom up to midget age. That is very positive and we are only getting stronger.”

Ralf said there was much more parity between the teams as well judging from several close scores and overtime decisions.

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