Allan Cup targeting a possible January re-start

In early September, it was stated on the ACH website, that the Allan Cup Hockey League was targeting a possible January start.

“I was pretty surprised to be honest,” Hamilton Steelhawks forward Cameron Sault said. “I thought the season would end up a wash but it seems the league might happen after all. I actually heard from one of my family members about the season possibly starting. The start of hockey season is always exciting, shortened or not.”

Coming off a dominating 2019/2020 regular season, which saw Hamilton finish first, their quest for the Allan Cup picked up steam as they took the first two games in the Ontario finals against the Brantford Blast when things suddenly shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Leading the Ontario finals vs. Brantford two games to nothing, and having the season all of a sudden cancelled was tough to take,” Sault said. Sault, who used to play at one time for the Brantford Blast went on to add,

“We had an Allan Cup contender of a team for sure.”

Reflecting on what would be a shortened season, a confident Sault added,

“I think it’d be an advantage for a shortened season, especially for the players who are fresh off of playing professionally last season. It wouldn’t take our top end guys long to get rolling.”

Addressing the possibility of hockey starting up in January, Sault admitted that it would be different in terms of preparation but that he would be very excited. However, Sault hasn’t decided if for sure he would be coming back if the season started.

“I’m usually on the ice at least once a week during the summer but obviously that didn’t happen this year. So, it’ll be different getting back on skates and getting game-shape ready.”

With so much unpredictability going on in 2020, all Senior AAA hockey fans can do now is wait to see if there will be Allan Cup hockey this year.

“I haven’t made a definite decision yet about playing another season,” Sault said. “I guess I will see how I feel and make that decision when the time comes. I have a little bit longer to think about it.”

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