Arielle MacDonald “Excited” about being named Co-MVP for BCI Mustangs girls hockey team

BCI Mustangs hockey player Arielle MacDonald couldn’t have asked for a better way to end what had been a thrilling high school hockey career.

Approximately four months after winning her second Brant County high school girls’ championship, MacDonald received the ultimate thrill as she was selected as the teams Co-MVP.

“I was pretty excited to hear I got MVP my last year,” MacDonald said. “Because it’s just so exciting to see that my coach recognized how much I tried to contribute to the team to make us better and to help lead us to a championship.” MacDonald went on to add, “I was really pretty excited about it because out of everybody on the team she chose me as an MVP so it just means a lot that she thought I deserved it.”

MacDonald, who shared that MVP award with teammate Emily Dejong, had a knack for coming through in the clutch. This included back in late February when at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre this smooth skating defenceman had a goal and an assist in pacing the Mustangs to a 4-0 Brant County championship win against the St, John’s College Green Eagles. Incredibly, this was the Mustangs sixth straight Brant County girls’ hockey championship.

“It’s always very exciting to put on the BCI blue and gold colors because it’s always a pleasure to be able to represent my school out on the ice doing the thing I love,” MacDonald said. “I would say maybe some games were competitive but most of the times we were clearly the dominant team and were winning a lot of our games.”

Providing tremendous leadership and determination, MacDonald and championships seem to go together as she also won Brant County as a Grade 9 player, and after this latest achievement, has won two in the two years she played high school hockey.

It wasn’t hard for MacDonald to come up with a favorite memory from this past season which she will always remember.

“My last game with BCI the championship,” she said. “I scored from the blue line bar down and that was a big moment for me because all the teachers that were there and all the fans went crazy and it really motivated the girls which ended up helping us get the victory.”

Another huge highlight MacDonald mentioned was playing in a Stratford tournament where the BCI team were riddled with injuries and played shorthanded.

“We still managed to keep the game close,” MacDonald said. “Not to mention I got a lot of playing time and managed to score a couple of goals somehow so it was a pretty fun time.”

The feeling of winning never gets old for MacDonald who couldn’t contain her excitement when describing what emotions, she was feeling in helping her school win that sixth straight Brant County girls hockey championship.

“It’s always so exciting to win a school championship because knowing your bringing home a gold medal and trophy to your school is always an amazing feeling, not to mention the team we played realty had it out for us,” MacDonald said. “They did a lot of smack talk so beating someone who thinks they’re better than you is always great to do.”

Reflecting on what made the team so successful, MacDonald was very candid as she stated, “Throughout the season I think we learned how to play with everybody really good considering none of us played together on a hockey team and some of us didn’t even play hockey. We managed to become a hockey team in the end and bring home the gold.”

Next season this Co-MVP will be playing at Concordia University.

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