Brigette Lacquette among PWHPA players on All Star Team games

By TRT Staff

MINNESOTA — Last week, the PWHPA announced a new series of games which will include a rotating line up of players that will face off against various National Teams in the lead up to the 2022 Olympics.

They’ll be known as the Secret All-Star Team as the women deodorant and antiperspirant brand continues its support of the organization and will have a separate, baby blue jersey. The rosters for each series will be picked by the General Managers and coaches of the hubs.

This includes Anishnaabe defenceman Brigette Lacquette, who will also be suiting up with the PWHPA All Stars as they’ll face off Team USA in the series of scrimmages.

The first set of games were announced as the PWHPA All Stars will faces off against Team USA on Oct. 14, 15, and 17 in Minnesota, which is where the US National Team is training. The games will not be streamed because USA Hockey has closed all of the teams scrimmages, but the organization plans to live tweet the games and stream other games.

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