Corvairs win three in a row, starting a 5-win streak

CALEDONIA — Corvairs continue to garner victories, attracting a crowd to the Hal-dimand County Caledonia Centre (HCCC) and securing wins away from home over the weekend.

First, on Friday, October 27, the Corvairs went away to take on the St. Catharines Falcons at the Seymour-Hannah Sports and Entertainment Centre.

The first period saw the Corvairs break scoring with a goal within a minute of play by Jayden Lammel, fed by Markus Dempewolf from Nathan Duplessis. Four minutes later, the Flacons responded with a single, but Jayden Lammel was on a roll, scoring his second from Zachary Naherne and Markus Dempewolf.

In the second period, after a rough penalty-heavy 20 minutes of initial play, the Corvairs came out strong again with a goal by Owen Rainey, fed by Steven LaFormer and Jaden Lammel. Another three minutes of play opened for Owen Rainey to earn his second goal of the game from a pass by Steve LaForme. The Falcons responded one more time before both sides would close out scoring in the third.

Despite racking upwards of 40 minutes in penalties, the Corvairs cinched the win 4-2, with no scoring for either side by the end. Playing strong defensively kept the Corvairs lead with just 9 shots on net.

But the Falcons would try to return the favour at the Corvairs home arena the following night on Saturday, October 28 at the HCCC.

Eight minutes into the first period, the Falcons put one away, but Markus Dempewolf came through minutes later to score unassisted for the Corvairs. This set the tone for the game, as the seance period began and ended with a single goal for the Falcons. This put a 2-1 score on the line, with the Falcons keen to remain in the lead.

In the third period, the Falcons put another one up after ten minutes of play. But Zack Lewis was determined with a goal fed by Nathan Duplessis and Jayden Lammel. Just two minutes later, Nathan Duplessis earned his own from Jayden Lammel and Zack Lewis. This finalized the period 3-3, but the Falcons offered a forfeit, giving the win to the Corvairs.

Later, on Tuesday, October 31, the Caledonia Corvairs Facebook page notified the public that the result of the game was declared as a 5-0 victory for the Corvairs, after use of ineligible players by the Falcons.

On Sunday, October 29, the Corvairs visited the Welland Jr. Canadians at the Welland Main Arena.

In the first period, the Canadians pulled ahead with the only goal scored in the period, just 22 seconds in. In the second, they maintained the lead and increased the gap with another goal.

But, Nathan Duplessis worked to score the first goal for the Corvairs with help from Sami Douglas and Zack Lewis. Dylan Wardell followed just ten seconds behind with a goal fed by Steve LaForme from Noah Beltzer. This brought an over-time period to the delight of visiting Corvairs fans.

In the over-time period, in sudden death style, Nathan Deuplessis came to save the game with a goal off of a pass from Jayden Lammel just 57 seconds in. This gave the Corvairs another win to add to the tally, 3-2 at the Canadians home.

The Corvairs will play another game at home on Saturday, November 4, at 7:30 p.m., EST, to host the Pelham Panthers. They will travel to the Welland Main Arena on Sunday, November 5, at 7:00 p.m., EST, for a rematch against the Welland Jr. Canadians.

On Tuesday, October 31, the Caledonia Corvairs Facebook page announced a milestone for Markus Dempewolf, writing: “We’d like to congratulate Forward Markus Dempewolf who recently played his 100th career GOJHL & Corvair game! Markus has surpassed many and is now in the top 5 history of games played for our organization! 3 years ago we acquired Markus and what a pleasure and honour it has been to watch him dawn the Corvairs jersey while displaying his skill on a nightly basis. This season Markus has made leaps and bounds in his entire game and we couldn’t be more proud! Congrats Markus!”

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