Hearts break for the Bantams

OHSWEKEN – After an amazing season for the Six Nations Bantams — who were constantly backed by devoted family and friends — their series versus the Kawartha Coyotes came to a bittersweet end in their fourth game 2-0.

Now, this wasn’t a game you could easily pick out the winner for. The first period was completely even and the puck went from one end of the arena to the other, with defences on high guard. This made a lot of spectators excited, yet on edge as the game seemed a little too flawless for both teams.

This carried over into the second period. From the side lines anyone could see that both teams wanted gold and the teams were evenly matched so far as to say they had grown to anticipate one another during the series. But, as quickly as it began, the double zero tie ended the second period.

With as many chances as there were in the game, it was only a matter of time before someone would score. The third period began and shots that were taken by the Bantams that would have slid in on a less experienced goalie wasn’t enough. With three minutes left in the period, Kawartha scored a lucky one.

This roused a lot of showmanship from Kawartha fans and the players on the ice, which only seemed to make the Bantams more determined. But, after several shot attempts by the Bantams, the last minute remained. With the score so close, and to the surprise of spectators — the Bantams pulled their goalie. This led to the heart breaking goal by Kawartha on the Bantams exposed net that sealed their spot 2-0, with only a few seconds remaining.

This end to the series was one that only Kawartha players and fans wanted — but no one can say that the Bantams didn’t play their hearts out.

Get them next year boys, because defeat is just a challenge to try again.

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