More than $5k in prizes for returning ‘Chel’ Cup

By TRT Staff with notes from

ONTARIO — This year will be the second year that Indigenous Sport & Wellness Ontario (ISWO), invites Indigenous youth from across Ontario to join a virtual NHL 22 Tournament with thousands in prizes on Friday, March 4 Time from 5:00pm – 9:00pm (EST).

All participants will need their own Xbox S, Xbox X, or Xbox One gaming system, the NHL 22 game, and access to Xbox Live to play online for the tournament. Games will be played on EASHL 3v3 game mode.

“Our goal is to promote social connection and friendship, while still being able to stay home safely during COVID-19,” reads the ISWO website.

The first 16 teams to register will secure their spot but there will be a minimum of 6 teams required for the tournament to run. To keep the tournament in the running, those that are of 14 years of age and older that are interested are encouraged to register with their friends as a team of three. The teams will be scheduled to compete in a tournament bracket. The games will be 15-20 mins in duration and the further a team makes climbs in the bracket, the closer and better their chances become of winning a prize. It was noted that each participant on a single team will split the prize evenly.

It was noted that individual participants will be randomly assigned into teams with other individuals and individual registration will be dependent on team space. Participants can expect to receive the tournament bracket in the days leading up to the tournament. Live updates will be through text during the tournament to provide game times and opponents.

Interested participants can sign up online: Be sure to include the following information in your email: Team participant’s first and last names. Team participants gamer tags/online IDs of the accounts that will be participating in the tournament. Identify who will be the team captain. The team captain’s gamer tags will appear on the schedule. Cellphone number for the Team (to contact during the tournament in case their team is absent for game time).

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