Ohsweken Bears and Six Nations Snipers earn wins at home

SIX NATIONS — Eastern Arena Lacrosse League games continued this past weekend, starting with a match between the Brampton Express and the Oshawa Outlaws on Saturday, January 21. The Express gave a surprise win to the Outlaws 13-11 at the Children’s Arena.

Later on Saturday, the Paris RiverWolves took on the Whitby Steelhawks at the Children’s Arena. The game saw a 14-20 final for the Steelhawks.

On the following Sunday, January 22, the Ohsweken Bears hosted a home game versus the Peterborough Timbermen at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena.

The first period saw the first goal go to the Timbermen, then a back and forth scoring scheme with two goals from Dawit Martin and Jame Whiteford. This finished the period at 2-4 for the Timbermen.

Coming into the second, two goals were put up by Danton Miller and Lucas Beaver before a single return by the Timbermen. Then Dawit Martin and Marvin Curry added two more, finishing the period with a 6-6 tie. In the third, Marvin Curry put up a single, with an answer from the Timbermen. But Danton Miller, James Whiteford and Isaac Vanderzalm put singles away, before Marvin Curry closed the period 11-8 for the Bears.

In the fourth, Jake Bomberry opened scoring with a single, and James Whiteford came through with his third goal. The Timbermen provided responses, but Lucas Beaver, Isaac Vanderzalm, Marvin Curry and James Whiteford buried singles. This closed the game at 17-11 on home soil for the Bears.

James Whiteford was awarded a first place star for four goals, five assists, tallying nine points total for the Bears.

Later in the day, another high scoring game was had between the Six Nations Snipers and the Toronto Monarchs.

The first period saw the Monarchs take the lead, but Richard Imus, Haodais Maracle, and Dante Romano put singles up before the end of the period, which finished 3-6 for Toronto.

In the second, the Monarchs opened scoring, but Haodais Maracle. Todd Thomas Jr. (2), Cheyton King and Brent Longboat but away five goals before the end. This started the third period with a smaller lead for the Monarchs, 9-10.

The third period saw Todd Thomas Jr., put away his third, followed closely by Vernon Hill, closing the period with a deficit still, 10-12 for the Monarchs. By the fourth, the Snipers were able to come back with consecutive goals from Cheyton King (2), Haodais Maracle, Nolan Fehr, and Justin Porga.

The game ended with a final of 15-13 for the Snipers.

Cheyton King was awarded a first place star for 3 goals, 5 assists, tallying 8 points overall, while Dustin Hill was awarded a third place star for his performance between the pipes.

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