SN Girls Field Lacrosse Association announces secured grant

SIX NATIONS — On January 1, the Six Nations Girls Field Lacrosse Association re-leased an announcement detailing a successful application to Jumpstart for the 2023 season. This acquired $20,000 for the association.

As provided within the statement, the Jumpstart Community Development Grants have two streams of funding that the organization was eligible to apply for, with the choice to apply specifically to operational support. The stream of funding assists chosen organizations in building capacity and covering increased expenses to provide inclusive, safe sport participation.

“SNGFLA is beyond thankful for this support as we work to improve our programming since the Covid-19 pandemic. The financial support will help subsidize the registration cost for all, cover pre-season floor rental costs and ensure our coaches are compensated for the clinics and training required of them,” reads the statement provided by SNGFL President Tawnie Johnson.

As part of the successful application, the SNFGL is required to provide an impact report, participant testimonial and a photo. The report and photo will fall into the jurisdictions of the board, but parents have been looked to, to provide testimonials detailing how the financial support has assisted the association.

“We are hopeful that grants such as this can continue to support SNFGLA as we get back up and running at full capacity. Although, we would like to stress that continuing our fundraising efforts is very important in order to ensure we can con-tinue to keep operating costs as low as possible,” continues the statement.

The announcement closes with the promise that fundraisers for the association will be released in the near future.

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