Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament postponed until September

Last June was a moment to celebrate for the SNP Pee Wee Sheriffs who struck Peewee ‘B’ championship gold.

Competing at Lions Park in the 2019 Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament, the Sheriffs who were coached by Six Nations Police Constable Derrick Anderson, proved to have game. On Sunday, June 2 with a championship up for grabs, the SNP Sheriffs proved too much as they scored early and often in a 14-4 Peewee B Championship win against the Burford Triggers and Bows Marksman team.

“We went 3-1 last year to end up in the B bracket,” Anderson said in reference to the tournament’s round robin games. Reflecting on the successful playoff drive, Anderson was all smiles as he enthusiastically detailed the player’s emotion following their Peewee B Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament gold.

“The kids came running off the bench and threw their gloves and sticks in the air. This was a team effort.,” Anderson said. “Every year they want us to come back. It’s all about kids getting out, making new friends and having fun which is the main priority.”

This year, the tournament which was scheduled for early June at the BHL Brantford, didn’t happen due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Instead of completely cancelling the Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament the committee moved tournament dates from September 11-13. Still, those September dates are far from being a sure thing.

“I wasn’t overly surprised when they announced that,” Anderson said about the June cancellation. Anderson, whose been dedicating his time for about 10 years at the tournament, had some pretty high praise when it came to the SNP Pee Wee Sheriffs.

“These kids gel together fast,” Anderson said. “No one wants to lose. When we do lose, it’s a lesson that in life you’re not always going to win.” Anderson also added, “They’re our youth. I’ve been doing this with other SN office for about 10 years and it’s great running into kids throughout the year who tell me they want to play.”

You can bet that these players, fans and Anderson will be among those crossing their fingers that come September, it will be safe enough to go ahead and hold the Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament.

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