Joe Biden endorses Haudenosaunee Nationals in their pursuit of Olympic Inclusion

WASHINGTON — On December 6, U.S. President Joe Biden took to social media to announce his endorsement of the Haudenosaunee Nationals 2028 Olympic pursuit.


“Today I’m announcing my support for the Six Nations competing in Olympic Lacrosse under its own flag. Their ancestors created the game. They perfected it for a millennium. Their circumstances are unique and they should be granted an exception to field their own team,” reads his announcement to Facebook at 6:00 p.m., EST.


This came after he verbalized his support on Wednesday during the White House Tribal Nations Summit, for the Haudenosaunee to field their own lacrosse team in Los Angeles, California. The summit took place between Wednesday and Thursday in Washington, D.C., and served as a reflection of the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to strengthening Nation-to-Nation relationships.


During his 13-minute address at the summit, it was reported that President Biden spoke to his familiarity with lacrosse. He noted that he attended lacrosse powerhouse Syracuse University and that his daughter played the sport in high school, while his niece was an All-American at Harvard University.


While the version of lacrosse that will be played at the Olympics is unique to the field or box game, Sixes format, if included as participants in the Olympic Games, the Haudenosaunee will not be at a disadvantage.


Still, while a little more than four years away from the 2028 Olympic Games, the work is cut out for the Haudenosaunee Nationals to gain participation rights. With support, such as the support of President Biden’s endorsement adding to a growing list of international advocates, the Haudenosaunee Nationals continue to inch towards their goal.


The last time lacrosse was played in the Olympics was over 120 years ago in 1904, when Canada fielded two teams including the Mohawk Indians, who were comprised of bronze medal winning Haudenosaunee players.


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