2022 NLL Entry Draft Results

By TRT Staff with notes from NLL.com

The results for the full six rounds of the 2022 National Lacrosse League Entry Draft were released on Saturday, September 10, amassing nearly 100 new players into the NLL circuit.

Round One saw: Wake:Riat Bowhunter of Six Nations and Jacksonville University come to Halifax, Thomas McConvey come to Rochester from Las Vegas, Dylan Wat-son come to Las Vegas from Rochester as well, Owen Grant come to Vancouver, Alex Simmons come to Albany from New York, Jason Knox come to Panther City, Austin Madronic come to Saskatchewan, Will Johansen come to Albany from Geor-gia, Zack Deaken come to New York from Philadelphia via Albany, Mathieu Gautier come to Panther City from Albany via Halifax, Seth Van Schepen come to Calgary, Brett Dobson come to Georgia from San Diego, Cam Wyers come to Buffalo from Toronto, Dylan Robinson come to Buffalo, Owen Down come to Colorado, Jacob Saunders come to Las Vegas as an additional compensatory selection, Tye Kurtz come to Albany as a compensatory selection, Austin Hasen come to Rochester from Calgary via Las Vegas as a compensatory selection, Zach Belter come to Buffalo as a compensatory selection, Brady Kearnan come to Georgia as a compensatory selection, Colton Lidstone come to Panther City from Albany,, Jake Govett come to San Diego as a compensatory selection, and Taggart Clark come to Philadelphia from Saskatchewan as a compensatory selection.

Round Two saw: Jerry Staats of the Six Nations Chiefs and Syracuse University come to Halifax from Saskatchewan, Tyler Davis from the Six Nations Jr A come to New York as a compensatory selection, Mason Kamminga of the Six Nations Chiefs and Detroit Mercy come to New York, Griffin Hall come to Las Vegas, Thomas Vela come to Rochester, Sean Westley come to Las Vegas via San Diego from Vancouver,, Josh Dawick come to Toronto from Panther City, Ronin Pusch Panther City from Georgia, Cameron Lumb come to San Diego from Philadelphia via Buf-falo, Marcus Klarich come to Vancouver from Albany via Vancouver via Sas-katchewan, Matt Anderson come to Philadelphia from Calgary, Payton Rezenka come to San Diego, Tyler Hendrycks come to Toronto from Halifax, Brian Cameron come to Toronto, Carter Zavitz come to Panther City from Buffalo, Deacon Knott come to Philadelphia from Colorado, Adam Noakes come to San Diego from Las Vegas, Isaac Ngyou come to Saskatchewan compensatory selection, Sam Haines come to Toronto as a compensatory selection, and Connor Nichols come to Calga-ry as a compensatory selection.

Round Three saw: Teioshontateh McComber of the Nanaimo Timbermen and the University of Albanycome come to Georgia from Panther City, Zach Cole come to Las Vegas, Parker Pipher come to Rochester, Aiden Solomon come to Vancouver, Petey Lasala come to Panther City from New York via Albany,, Cam Badour come to Saskatchewan, Chris Gray come to New York from Georgia, Nick Mussi come to Colorado from Philadelphia, Chase Cosgrove come to Vancouver rom Albany, John Piatelli come to Albany from Calgary, Jon McConvey come to Halifax from San Die-go, Cole Kirst come to Halifax, Tucker Dordevic come to Toronto, Troy Hettinger come to Philadelphia from Buffalo, and Brett Beetow come to Georgia from Colora-do.

Results of the final three rounds will be provided in print next week.

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