Arrows break win streak, but pick it back up

This past week had a full schedule of games for the Arrows, who earned themselves two wins and a loss in between.

On Wednesday, May 29 the Arrows ventured out to visit the Burlington Chiefs at the Central Arena.

The Chiefs host a large defensive line up and as their first match of the season with the Arrows, the two teams had to throw their weight around to see who could best the other.

The first period allowed for two goals to be buried, one for the Arrows by Travis Longboat from Liam Leclair, and one for the Chiefs on a power play.

Going into the second though, the Chiefs were able to bury twice in the first five minutes of the period. While the Arrows didn’t answer until ten minutes in, Tehoka Nanticoke was set up for two impressive power play buries. The Chiefs answered, but Nanticoke went on to bury again with two seconds left in the period after the Arrows called tender Dustin Hill to the side.

This opened the third period with a tie 4-4, but Jamie Dilks and Jake Rosa buried once each while Liam Leclair scored on an empty net. By the end the Chiefs were able to answer twice, but left the final at 7-6 for the Arrows.

Their second game of the week sent them to Peterborough to face the Lakers on Friday, May 31.

With a high scoring first period, the Lakers reached ahead with four goals and only one answer from Liam Leclair.

This made the Arrows push in the second, as they earned four consecutive goals from Jake Rosa, Kevin Owen Hill, Percy Booth and Ron John. However, the Lakers weren’t going to give a lead so easily as they answered with three returns by the end.

This started the third period 7-5, and as the Arrows fought for a lead the Lakers kept up and went shot for shot. Travis Longboat earned his first and Jake Rosa earned his second but both were answered, closing the period 9-7. This served the arrows their first loss in three games.

But their third game landed on Sunday, June 2, and set the Arrows to host the Burlington Chiefs at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena to recover from their previous loss.

The Arrows went fast in the first period as consecutive goals went to Travis Longboat, Chase Scanlan, Jeremy Bomberry and Tehoka Nanticoke five minutes in. This gave the Arrows an initial lead, while the Chiefs answered three times before Ron John earned his first unassisted by the end.

This opened the second period 5-3, and the Chiefs earned three goals for the entire period. But the Arrows went off as Clay Scanlan, Travis Longboat, Chase Scanlan, Owen S. Hill and Tyler Davis earned singles while Tehoka Nanticoke went for a hat-trick.

However, losing steam and giving into the larger defence of the Chiefs, the Arrows were kept out of the inside and passes were intercepted. This gave the Chiefs a chance to catch up as they earned three goals for the whole period, but didn’t give them more as the Arrows defence shut down several plays.
This closed the game 12-9 for the Arrows.

Their next home game will take place on Sunday, June 9 at 7 p.m., within the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena after they face the Toronto Beaches and the Oakville Buzz away from home.

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