Arrows cinch two home-game wins

SIX NATIONS —Visiting the Canada Game Park, the Six Nations Junior A Arrows met up with the St. Catharines Athletics, for another match away from home on Wednesday, June 21.

Daylin John-Hill opened the scoring, while the Athletics put three away by the end of the first period 1-3. In the second period, Tyler Davis put up a second goal for the Arrows, with two answers from the Athletics. Daylin John-Hill came through for his first, and Tyler Dave came with his second. Oneniotekowa Maracle put up a single, followed by and answer from the Athletics and another for the Arrows from Thunder Hill. This put the game at a 6-6 tie. But come the third period, the Arrows lost steam and the Athletics put up a shut out for a final of 6-10.

The Arrows then welcomed the Toronto Beaches to the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena on Sunday, June 19.

Off the bat, the Arrows put up the first two goals, with an answer from Daylin John-Hill before a final goal for the Beaches came. This sat the game at 1-3 for the Beaches. The second period opened with a goal for the Beaches, and a single from Tyler Davis. The period saw two more for the Beaches, sitting the game at 2-6 for the Beaches. In the third, scoring opened again for the Beaches, with a response from Ross Hill, Damon Decaire, Oneniotekowa Maracle, with two answers from the Beaches. Ross Hill put up another and Matt Hamil cinched another, with a final goal from Tyler Davis by the end. This closed the game with a close 9-8 for the Arrows.

On Monday, June 20, the Arrows met up with the Brampton Excelsiors at home within the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena.

Scoring opened for the Excelsiors, with returns by Thunder Hill and Matt Hamil for the Arrows. An answer from the Excelsiors gave way for two more from Mason Hill and Ross Hill. Louis Alfred and Oneniotekowa Maracle closed the period 6-2 for the Arrows. The second period saw the first goal go to the Excelsiors, but Oneniotekowa Maracle put two fast ones away, followed by another by Mitchell VanEvery and another by Tyler Davis. Both Oneniotekowa Maracle and Mitchell VanEvery put two more away to close out the period at 12-3 for the Arrows. Come the third period, Kean Pare, Recoil Davis and Mitchell VanEvery put singles away to cancel out the two put up by the Excelsiors. This finalized the game at 15-5 for a home-game win.

The Arrows next away game will fall on June 23, at 8:00 p.m., versus the Kitchener-Waterloo Junior Lacrosse at the Kinsmen Arena. While the Arrows won’t have another home game until June 26, at 7:00 p.m., within the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena to pair them up against the Mimico Mountaineers.

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