Both Team Haudenosaunee U15 and U17 take home IIJL Championships

By TRT Staff

MASSENA, N.Y. — For the first time since 2016, the International Indoor Junior Lacrosse (IIJL) Championship took place between November 11-14, at the St. Lawrence Centre Sports Complex, with teams from the Haudenosaunee, Canada and U.S..

The U15 Team Haudenosaunee met up with Team U.S., first off, raking in a close win at 14-13. Their next match brought Team Haudenosaunee against Team Canada, with another win 10-6. The two opposing teams then battled it out in two consecutive games, with Team Canada winning the first 12-11, then Team U.S., winning the second 14-13.

That made the championship final a battle between Team Haudenosaunee and Team U.S., with a stellar victory for Team Haudenosaunee 16-8. This was the first silver for an International Junior Team U.S., to be earned.

The U15 Team Haudenosaunee was comprised of Shako Rice, Jibby Watkins, Chaz Norton, Tayoni Galente, Kariwanoro Squire, Joaquin Gatt, Mannox Jamieson, Darris Jones, Nate Doxtator, Tonton Vandommelen, Rakawineh Elijah, Keaton Sandy, Kohe Lazore, Kayden Hearn, Kaleym Racette-Monture, Moagie Buffalo, Ryder Sunday, Warren Cook, Taka Thompson and Kenny Porter.

On the other end for the U17 Team Haudenosaunee, the squad met with the Team U.S, and took their first win, followed by their second win over Team Canada, 6-12. This was followed by two contending games between Team Canada and Team U.S., with two wins: 12-6 and 11-4, for Team Canada. This hosted the final championship game to Team Haudenosaunee and Team Canada, 14-10.

The U17 Team Haudenosaunee was comprised of Kayman Diabo, Vern Cook Jr., Bryson Green, Kash Doxtador, Lenni Thompson, Tryton Benedict, Kemper Martin, Jaden Kennedy, Landen Jimerson, Brody Thomas, Mitch Vanevery, Warren Oaks, Rahonwinetha Elijah, Ryan Hess, Garyn John, Hawi Francis, Tray Miller, Owen Vanloon, Trysen Sunday, Shakorennawis Doxtador and Nick Thomas.

This gave trophies and undefeated round robin championship runs to both the U15 and U17 Team Haudenosaunee.

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