Contrasts between East and West rise in Arena Lacrosse League

After games held on the 19th and 20th, the Eastern Men’s Division of the Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) saw some standings climbing.

On the 19th, the Paris RiverWolves matched up with the Whitby Steelhawks and came away with a loss 7-9, while the St. Catharines Shockwave gave up to the Oshawa Outlaws and steeply gave up the victory 5-14 at the Children’s Arena, as the Peterborough Timbermen met up with the Toronto Monarchs at the Toronto rock Athletic Centre.

The day after, the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena (ILA) opened up for a home game featuring the Six Nations Snipers against the Toronto Monarchs. Johny Powless, Justin Martin and Travis Longboat opened the scoring with a triple rack up in the first five minutes.

An answer from the Monarchs was dealt with by Scott Del Zotto, Johnny Powless, Tyler Brown and Daris Anderson burying singles in succession. The Monarchs answered once more and Tyler Brown and Travis Longboat reanimated the score board with two more. Another was answered, but Tye Argent and Tyler Brown for his third. Another answer from the Monarchs was snuffed out by a three-goal garage by Scott Del Zotto, and two from Tye Argent. Travis Longboat went for his third, and Scott Del Zotto made way with his third. Vernon Hill made it to the scoreboard with two goals as Wesley Whitlow put one away. This brought the game and its answers up to 12-20 for the Snipers.

The arena also hosted the match between the Shockwave and RiverWolves with the Shockwave being delivered another close loss 13-14 in the same day.

With the win, the Snipers now trail the Timbermen in standings and will have an opportunity to hand the Timbermen their first loss of the season this coming Saturday on Feb. 26, travelling out of home territory to the Milbrook Arena. The two squads will square off in a match with the opening face-off scheduled for 2 p.m.

On the same day, the Paris RiverWolves will face the Toronto Monarchs at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre, and the following day, the Whitby Steelhawks will meet up with the St. Catharines Shockwave at the ILA. The final game of the weekend in the east will pair the Oshawa Outlaws with the Snipers at 4pm in the same arena.

Over in the Western Men’s Division of the ALL, the Sea Spray are reigning supreme on top of the Grizzlies, trailed by the Shooting eagles and finished by the Black Fish.

As for the Eastern Women’s Division, the ladies teams will be gathering again on Saturday, February 26 to face off with each other in match ups between the Lady Steelhawks and Lady RiverWolves, Lady Snipers and Lady Shockwave, Lady Snipers and Lady RiverWolves and the Lady Steelhawks and Lady Shockwave. As for standings, the Lady Snipers remain ahead of the Lady Steelhawks, followed by the Lady Shockwave and ended by the Lady RiverWolves.

The Western Women’s Division holds Team Blue on top, with zero losses, ahead of team Black, Team Purple and Team White. Their scheduled seasonal games finalized on Sunday, January 30.

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