Discussions start for the MSL

ONTARIO — After meeting last Thursday, the Major Series Lacrosse League issued a statement to its social media on the ongoing postponement of the MSL season.

The MSL league had announced its postponement on May 26, citing “financial risk brought on by potential litigation.”

The statement released on June 2 reads: “The MSL Board of Governors (BOG) has voted in favour of meeting with the Ontario Lacrosse Association and have invited the new Brampton Lacrosse Club to take part in discussions.

The MSL BOG extends this olive branch in an effort to work out some sort of agreement that would satisfy all parties involved. A meeting would also hopefully expedite a process that has, at the moment, stalled. We’re hoping by doing this, Senior ‘A’ lacrosse in Ontario can return to action as soon as possible.

MSL has requested that this meeting be held in person at all parties earliest convenience with a Zoom option for those unable to be there in person.”

This statement comes on the same day as confirmation that a meeting was set.

The schedule provided to the MSL website showed that a game between the Six Nations Pro-fit Chiefs versus the Cobourg Kodiaks was posted to take place on Tuesday, June 7 at 8:00 p.m..

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