Junior Paperweights celebrate end of season

SIX NATIONS — After their eight week season, the Six Nations Jr. Paperweight Lacrosse Team was invited to enjoy bouncy castles, BBQ food and small recognition trophies on Tuesday, June 25.

With a box full of the golden trophies, Vice President of SNMLA Fran Staats said that this celebration is to recognize the youngest group of players within the SNMLA.

“Every player and every participant gets a trophy,” said Staats. “This age group consists of three and four year olds so they’re just learning and developing and we just thought that everyone should get something for trying.”

As the age group is so young, the association decided to do an early celebration for the team rather than include them into the larger banquet that will take place later this year.

“We normally don’t do the [SNMLA banquet] until the end of August, but by that time these little guys have been done and long forgot about it,” she said. “So this year we decided to do their year-end banquet after their last practice today.”

As smiles and excitement filled the area outside of the Six Nations Community Hall, the decision seemed just.

The young athletes gathered to practice once a week and this division is considered to be a beginner program which also included fervent involvement with parents.

“We had a lot of parent volunteers which was awesome,” she said.

“We’re looking forward to seeing everyone back next season.”

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