Ontario wins most gold medals at North American Indigenous Games

By TRT Staff

HALIFAX, MILLBROOK FIRST NATION — Despite Team Saskatchewan finishing in first place with 175 medals across gold, silver and bronze, it was Team Ontario that brought the most gold medals home.

With 127 medals and 55 of them being gold, Team Ontario earned four more gold than Team Saskatchewan and two more than second place Team British Columbia. This ranked Team Ontario in third.

Team Ontario earned gold medals in high jump, shot put, discus, relay, running, canoeing and kayaking, swimming, wrestling, badminton, basketball, rifle shooting, softball and box lacrosse. Directly from Six Nations, over 20 known athletes were awarded with gold medals:

Korissa Davis earned gold in the under 14 women’s basketball division.

Jorja Bomberry, Karilee Martin, Ella-Sophia Kitchikake, Honee Anderson, Ryleen Davis, Cara Skye, and Tess Squire earned gold in the under 16 women’s softball division.

Gunnar Davis, Kagan General, Harley Johns, Grayson Skye, Tyson General, Kaidyn Lickers, Logan Doxtator, Jason Cayuga, Cohen Visheau, Jozey Jacobs and Rhys Doolittle earned gold in the under 16 men’s lacrosse division.

Deeland Martin, Johnny Jacobs, Tray Miller, Layten Myers, Lleyton Bomberry-Sowden and Dalen Burning earned gold in the under 19 men’s lacrosse division.

In silver, Six Nations also saw 10 known athletes awarded with silver medals.

Rodderek Smith, Noah Jeffrey, and Kaden Thomas earned silver in the under 14 men’s basketball division.

Breanna Stewart earned silver in the under 19 women’s basketball division.

Kianna Thompson, Sofia Smith, Teegan Jonathan, Rayleigh Kicknosway, Melia Martin, and Layla Johnson earned silver in the under 19 women’s box lacrosse division.

Held every four years, the next NAIG is set for 2027 with the process already opened for communities to bid earlier this year.

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