Rebels and Indians to face off

SIX NATIONS — Through a fantastic showing of two indigenous teams battling it out for the same goal, the series between the Six Nations Rebels and the Akwesasne Indians has been a show since it began last Wednesday.

The Rebels gave up game one under the roof of the A’nowarako:wa Arena in Akwesasne.

After two initial goals by Gregory Elijah-Brown and Marshall Powless, the Indians put up four. The period was finalized with a second goal from Marshall Powless, but began a furthering deficit.

The Indians went on to score twice more in the second period, with no answers from the Rebels.

In the third, the Rebels opened the scoring with a goal from Wesley Whitlow. But the Indians racked up four more, while Sidney Powless gave a single and Marshall Powless put in a double to finish the game 7-10 for the Indians.

Game two came around with a tight game for both sides as the Rebels were looking to redeem themselves after taking their first loss in a while coming from a near-flawless season.

The Indians opened the first period with a double on the scoreboard, but this was broken away by three goals from Chayton King, Weylon Abrams and Gutch Salinas.

The second brought in six goals for the Indians, with three goals scattered in between by the Rebels. Buries came from Justin Martin, Weylon Abrams and Daylen Hill which brought the game to a 6-8 for the Indians.

However, in the third period the Rebels came back with four consecutive goals. Three came from Daylen Hill, who had powered through on offence throughout the game, while the final came from Gutch Salinas.

The Indians answered with one more goal, finalizing the game 10-9 for the Rebels.

Finally for game three, the Rebels hosted the Indians at home within the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena on August 3.

But being away from home didn’t deter the Indians, who took off in the first period with three goals and no answers.

They then went on to score twice right away in the second. This was answered by Justin Martin, but the Indians put away three more before Wesley Whitlow and Mason Hill could reply. This finished the period 3-8 for the Indians.

In the final period, the Rebels put up two from Cayton King and Marshall Powless. But the Indians put away three more, topping off the game with a 5-11 win, and delivering the Rebels first at-home loss in over 10 games.

The following afternoon, the Rebels took game four.

Just as the Indians had done, the Rebels looked to redeem themselves with a powerful showing.

Penalty minutes reached high, as both teams were awarded 30 minutes each with majority of their infractions taking place in the first period.

But the Rebels opened scoring with a goal from Mason Hill, while the Indians put up three.

However the Rebels came back with goals from Gutch Salinas, Marshall Powless and a double from Chayton King, creating a nice lead 5-3.

In the second, the Rebels pulled away with five goals against the Indians two. Gregory Elijah-Brown, Marshall Powless, Tycie Cowan, Justin Martin and Sidney Poles each added to the score board.

As for the third, both sides seemed to slow down but each put away one goal to finalize the period. This came from Chayton King for the Rebels, who closed it down 11-6.

The scores within each game haven’t been close beyond game two, as the two teams seem to be evenly matched. The last game of the series will be a showcase of who wants it more.

The teams now sit with two wins and two losses each, making their final game and verdict tonight, Wednesday, August 7, at 8 p.m., in Akwesasne territory.

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