Rebels close out regular season

SIX NATIONS — As of Monday, June 20, the Rebels finalized their regular season with three games since last Thursday, June 16.

That evening the Rebels visited the neighbouring St. Catharines Athletics at the Canada Games Park for a cinched win in over-time.

The Athletics opened the first period with the first goal, but answers came from the Rebels by Anahilis Doxtatar, Rowisonkies Barnes, and Blaze Becker. This closed the period 3-1 for the Rebels.

In the second period, the Rebels opened with a fast goal by Damon Doxtatar, answered by a single from the Athletics. Damon Doxtatar (2) then put up two goals, with a single from the Athletics. This made the score 6-3 for the Athletics.

Come the third, the Athletics picked up the pace with four straight goals, taking the lead.But Landon General put one away to tie the game. Going into an over-time period, forgoing sudden death, the Rebels put up two goals from Shake Swamp and Landon General combined. The Athletics put up one and were given a penalty shot that was unsuccessful. This closed the game 9-8 for the Rebels.

Back at home on Friday, June 17, the Rebels welcomed the Welland Generals to battle at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena for a close game.

The first period gave way for a goal from Rowisonkies Barnes, with an answer from the Generals. Then Damonie Thomas, Ryan Hess and Trey Jimmerson quickly put three away. Two answers came from the Generals with a goal by Blaze Becker in between, taking the lead 5-3.

The second period saw scoring from Izaiah Whitlow, Anahilis Doxtatar (2), and Eric Hodo Martin to put four buries, with a double from the Generals. Cole Powless closed the period 10-5 with a final goal.

By the third, the Generals put up two more, but Anahilis Doxtatar, Anahilis Doxtatar, and Ryan Hess each put singles away. This closed the game at 13-7 for the Rebels for their second consecutive win.

Visiting the Forest Glade Arena on the following day, Saturday, June 17, the Rebels took on the Windsor Clippers for an evening showing.

The Clippers took the lead with four fast goals, with a single by Anahilis Doxtatar. Anahilis Doxtatar put up two more that period as the Clippers put up two more, with Rowisonkies Barnes closing the period with a single. This gave a harsh first period at 4-6 for the Clippers.

The second period saw a shut out from the Clippers, and a second shut out in the third. Blocking the Rebels from responding closed the game at 4-12 for the Clip-pers.

The Rebels will look for their standings for next steps, as they sit in sixth place in the Western Conference.

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