Rebels face their first loss

SIX NATIONS — The Six Nations Rebels hosted the St. Catharines Spartans for their twelfth seasonal game that resulted in their twelfth win on Friday night at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena.

Weylon Abrams opened scoring for the Rebels in the first period, followed by singles from Jaxson Martin, Tycie Cowan and a double by AP Tyres Staats. The Spartans answered three times, but the lead went to the Rebels 5-3.

The second period opened for the highest scoring period of the game as the Spartans fought for four goals, while the Rebels racked them high into the teens. Singles came from Austin Skye, Tayton Skye, Dayton Hill while Justin Martin put in a hat trick and Sidney Poles put away four alone for a score of 16-7 at the end.

The third gave way to only one goal for the Spartans and two for the Rebels by Wesley Whitlow and Dayton Hill to close the game 18-8.

However, the following Sunday brought about the Rebels thirteenth seasonal game and their first loss of the season.

While formerly beating the Elora Mohawks in their homeowner at the start of the season 21-6, the Rebels seemed to switch scores with the Mohawks for this one.

The Mohawks came out into the first period harder than the Rebels previous matches, as they earned an initial lead. Three goals came from Marshall Powless, Justin Martin and Dayton Hill, while the Mohawks earned four.

This brought the second period which opened with a shorthanded goal by Jesse Longboat, but was followed by a series of four consecutive goals for the Mohawks as they monopolized poorly timed penalties and took advantage of power play shifts. Weylon Abrams answered with a single goal, which was cancelled by another for the Mohawks to end the period 5-11.

The final period gave the Rebels their lowest scoring period, as they had to eat away at a daunting six-point lead. Mason Hill earned his first of the game while Marshall Powless buried twice to earn himself a hat-trick. However, as penalty minutes stacked high for the Rebels, the Mohawks simply had to keep their scoring momentum. They answered back with four goals and finalized their win 8-15.

As they were not on home soil, reffing can be blamed for the difference on the scoreboard, however it is more likely that the Mohawks were out to save face after their initial poor performance during the Rebels home opener as returning Junior ‘B’ champions. They also likely made use of drawing penalties as well.

The Rebels next home game will host the Guelph Regals at the ILA on Friday, May 31 at 8, p.m..

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