Rebels home-opener ends in a tie

SIX NATIONS – The Rebels season kicked off with the first seasonal game on Friday, April 15 hosted the Rebels versus Owen Sound, ending with an evenly matched 8-8 score.

With the Rebels well-honed offence and Owen Sounds’ high pressuring defence, this was a game that had many on the edges of their seats.

The first period showed a lot of endurance and stamina, as both teams battled to maintain possession. However, focusing on prodding and poking Owen Sound offenders allowed a lot of cutting in to shoot, which caused a goal in the first period. Later on in the period, the first goal for the Rebels was buried by Kevin Owen Hill, assisted by Daylen Hill and Ricky Smith.

The start of the second period showed that the Rebels were going to be setting the bar, as Garrett Vyse scored in an eager 12 seconds. However, 30 seconds later the goal was returned by Owen Sound.

This opened up for a ton of back and forth scoring, as both teams wouldn’t let up on wanting to win. Owen Sound scored two before the middle of the period, giving them a proud two point lead for a few minutes. But, sweeping by, Hill scored again with assists by Ron Elijah Brown and Travis Longboat. However, not satisfied with an assist, Longboat scored from the outside with an assist by Brown. One more goal for Owen Sound, and another for the Rebels by Wake Riat Bowhunter, assisted by Lyle Hill and Daylen Hill to finish the period.

The third period began, and it was obvious the game wasn’t going to end in three periods. Two goals for Owen Sound before the middle of the period left many in their seats hoping they would be answered. With a lot of fighting and coordination, they were. With one pass from Brown, Longboat scored his second. While, Kevin Owen Hill won the draw and broke to the net, scoring his third for a hat trick unassisted. Both teams fought hard to maintain the tie until the end of the period; as defences were high and aggression higher.

This opened for a 10 minute overtime period, and 10 seconds in, Owen Sound received a game misconduct. Seemingly unfazed, the Rebels worked plays furiously, reaching a 14 shot streak for the period over Owen Sounds four shots. However, it was Owen Sounds accuracy that allowed them to score. Owen Sound players raised their hands and hopped the boards to the floor, thinking that the game was finished 7-8, but in finding the period was going to continue they sulked back to their bench.

One minute after the Owen Sound goal, Assistant Captain Josh Miller received a pass from Brody Longboat and flung the ball into the net with a far out shot, finishing the game 8-8.

A game that had spectators gripping the edges of their seats was truly a great way to start the season off.

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