Rebels polish off a near perfect regular season

SIX NATIONS — With a high lead, the Six Nations Rebels clipped the wings of the Windsor Clippers at home on Friday, June 14, ending their regular season with a final victory as they still on top of the South Western Conference.

The first period opened with three consecutive goals from Dawit Martin, Owen Martin and Marshall Powless, leaving the Clippers to catch up as they returned twice.

But in the second period, the Rebels went ahead with twice as many consecutive buries before the Clippers could answer. Wesley Whitlow came in with a double, while Tycie Cowan, Daylen Hill, Marshall Powless, and Justin Martin earned singles. The Clippers answered back with two, but each were cancelled out as Wesley Whitlow went for a hat-trick and Gutch Salinas buried a single to close the period.

In the third, Tycie Cowan went for his second and Marshall Powless went for a hat-trick. The Clippers returned once, but Chayton King, Daylen Hill, and Marshall Powless earned singles while Justin Martin made a double.

This closed the contest 18-4 for the Rebels, which made up for their last game against the Clippers that ended in a close 11-9 earlier in April.

The team is stacked with three top league scoring leaders in Marshall Powless on top (151points), Wesley Whitlow in sixth (102points) and Sidney Powless tied for eight (98points). And Chayton King who is on the board of career leaders for game-winning goals (17) and goals (170).

As they sit on the top, the Rebels will enter play-off season suffering just one loss with hopes of returning the Founders Cup to Six Nations.

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