Rivermen play away from home until June 18

ENNISMORE — On June 4, the Six Nations Senior B Rivermen ventured out to an away game at the Ennismore Community Center to face the Ennismore James Gang with a game that ended in an overtime.

The first period saw goals from Marshall Powless (2), and Tye Argent (2), in the first period. This brought the game to an early 4-4 tie between the two.

But come the second period, the James Gang put away four fast goals and took a quick lead. Marshall Powless came back with two more goals, and a third from Rodd Squire to put the game at 7-9 for the James Gang by the end.

The third period opened for a hard come back as Leland Powless, Tye Argent, and Jordan Goddard with a double, put the score back in reach at 11-10. With four minutes remaining, the James Gang were able to muster a tie.

For the over-time period, the James Gang took the next goal, but the Rivermen saw four more goals as a sudden death play through was forgone. Jordan Goddard, Marshall Powless, Tye Argent and Aidin Buis each put away singles. This finished the game at 15-12 for the Rivermen.

The next away game will take the Rivermen to the Collingwood Eddie Bush Memorial Arena on June 11 for game time at 8:00 p.m.. The Rivermen won’t play at their home arena until their game versus the Brooklin Merchants on June 18.

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