Rivermen set to face Titans, again

SIX NATIONS — The rivalry between the two top teams in the Ontario Senior ‘B’ Lacrosse League have begun their series yet again this season, as they vie for a spot to compete for the Presidents Cup.

With a series that put them outside of their home arena with the Owen Sound North Stars, the Rivermen polished off game four by closing the series on top 3-1.

The game was finalized on July 27 in overtime at the Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre, 9-8 for the Rivermen.

Three nights later, the Oakville Titans finished game five of their series with the Brooklin Merchants with the same score, 9-8.

This brought the two teams together again.

But still being barred from their home arena, game one opened at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena on Saturday, August 3, and brought the first victory of the series to the Rivermen.

Wayne Vanevery, Jon Williams, Holden Vyse and Wenster Green opened the first period with consecutive goals, while the Titans could only muster one return.

As for the second, the Titans and Rivermen went back and forth with goals from Joe Maracle Jr., and Wayne Vanevery with a double. This closed the period 7-3 for the Rivemen.

In the third, Brooker Muir put two away as the Titans returned once. This made an easy home game for the Rivermen as they finished 9-4, without a single penalty for either side.

Heading into game two, the Rivermen went out of town to play at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre.

Taking several penalties throughout the game, the Rivermen had to catch up as the Titans took the lead in the first period.

The Titans buried and went on to score twice more in the second, taking a 3-0 lead until the Rivermen returned in one by the end. This came from Leland Powless, from Wayne Vanevery and Adam Bomberry.

In the third the Titans couldn’t score any further, but the Rivermen earned one more from Wayne Vanevery.

This finalized game two with a loss for the Rivermen 3-2.

Game three will come this Saturday, August 10 at 7 p.m., at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena.

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