S.N Rebels Defeat St. Catharines Spartans

SIX NATIONS – The Six Nations Rebels matched up for their first play-off game with the St. Catharines Spartans on Friday, June 24, in a close game that ended 11-8 for the Rebels.

The first period started out with back and forth scoring, as Rebels Jeremy Bomberry scored the first goal of the game in a matter of minutes, but the Spartans came back with two goals. However, not letting the period end without equal footing, ‘AP’ Layne Smith followed with another at the end.

This opened the second period with a tie 2-2, and the Spartans racked up two goals in two minutes into the period. However, the Rebels didn’t let it get to them as within another five minutes they scored twice to tie the game again. This opened a can of worms for the Spartans, as the Rebels pelted the back of the net ending the period 9-6.

The third period allowed for only one more goal for the Rebels by Kevin Owen Hill, assisted by Shane Henry and Assistant Captain Josh Miller, ending their first play-off game 11-8. It’s been posted that the Rebels were also victorious in the Spartans territory, with a win of 13-7 in their second play-off game on Sunday, June 26.

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