Senior ‘C’ Tomahawks release statement on experiences of racism

After a weekend of lacrosse on Saturday, July 24 and Sunday, July 25, the Senior ‘C’ Tomahawks released a statement to counter the experience of issues throughout the newly created Senior Series Lacrosse.

“This is a statement made of behalf of the Six Nations Sr. C Tomahawks. There has been recent incidents that have taken place on and off the floor at the first weekend of games on July 24th and 25th. An incident like many others could’ve been handled seriously and just, but was simply swept under the rug and downplayed. The type of incident that Six Nations lacrosse teams and other Indigenous teams in all sports and players of all ethnic backgrounds have faced since we first shared the Creator’s Game with the world. That incident stems from racism that we have for too long endured. Ou teams have been targeted for years and generations of blatant disrespect when we are the originators of this beautiful game we love and hold tea. We are taking a stand and refusing to play in Ingersol the weekend of August 7th and 8th and beyond if need be to start the tough process and laying the ground work for serious change in our game. There are so many incidents and wrong doings that can be talked about fo everyone to understand just what it’s like being on the receiving end of the racism in the OLA, CLA, professional and beyond even to the international level in all divisions right down to the minor lacrosse system.

That being said we are taking a stand not just for the Tomahawks, but for our future lacrosse players and children coming up through the minor system and all divisions for men and women, indoor and outdoor, both field and box lacrosse. It’s time for a serious change at all divisions and all levels of lacrosse. We are saying enough is enough and we will no longer tolerate biased, unfair, unjust management of lacrosse from on out. Racism is something w cannot compromise with as it has no place in lacrosse and sports! We simply want fairness, equality and respect for players, coaches, fans, management, referees and all involved in our sport. That meaning no more racism at every entity that was listed for all ethnicities, not just Indigenous! Therefore, the Six Nations Sr. C Tomahawks will be taking a stand and refusing to play unless the OLA is going to make come changes. Hopefully real action can take place. We no longer are accepting half hearted apologies and words that carry little weight when it coms to real issues.

We seek the support of our peers, our local Six Nations team from the top Sr. A, all the way down to SNMLA as well as our women’s teams. We then will be reaching for support from other reserves, teams, leagues, professional, international and the lacrosse community as a whole. The time for real action is long overdue. We have to make a stand for the children so that they don’t have to “get used to it” like so many of us already are. We would like to be involved and included in the process to find a way to get things where they need to go for a brighter future. We have solutions and ideas that could help with what needs to be done. We as the originators of the game should be included and involved in shaping what lacrosse is and stands for n all levels, platforms, and divisions from the highest level down to minor lacrosse from here on out. Creating a diverse and multi-centric board to help solve this crisis in our game of lacrosse.

We are asking for support on all media social media platforms that will show the truth of the noggin racism that plagues lacrosse and other sports. We hope everyone can answer this call for change and the banishment of racism in lacrosse.

Stand with us, stand for what’s right, stand for the future of the game. Stand against racism in lacrosse and all sports!”

The Tomahawks describe their team as “We will cater to players graduating from the Junior Lacrosse ranks,” and have been in place since the early starts of the league.

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