Shockwave electrifies the Monarchs, Timbermen chop the RiverWolves

SIX NATIONS — The Iroquois Lacrosse Arena took to hosting this weekends selection of the Arena Lacrosse League match ups.

This brought together the St. Catharines Shockwave, who sit in fifth place of the division, and the Toronto Monarchs, who sit in last place.

In regards to scoring, Shockwave took the upper hand early on with 10 first period goals. Layne Smith, Kedoh Hill (2), Anthony Patterson, Caleb Wiles (2), Alex Henry, Kurts Woodland, Bryan Neufield and Wayne Hill each put one away before moving onto the next quarter.

The second period seen three more buries from Kedoh Hill for a hat trick, Layne Smith for his second and Caleb Wiles for a hat trick as well. The Monarchs were able to put some away, bring the game an inch closer at 6-13.

In the third, only Caleb Wiles was able to put one away, bringing the game closer again at 10-14.

But in the fourth, mustering up the power to take off, the Shockwave seen goals from Anthony Patterson, Caleb Wiles for his fifth and sixth, Chris Attwood, Kedoh Hill for his fourth and fifth, and Isaac Vandersalm.

This ended the match 21-13 for the Shockwave.

On the other end of the day, the Peterborough Timbermen and the Paris RiverWolves offered up an even showing.

The Timbermen opened with three goals in the first, answered by one from the RiverWolves.

The Timbermen then broke the scoring again in the second, with two fast ones. While the RiverWolves responded with three of their own, the Timbermen closed the period with one more. This brought the game to a close 6-4.

Both sides offered up two goals in the third each, maintaining the lead for Peterborough. But in the fourth, the RiverWolves upped the ante with a lead in sight, earning a two point lead after Kyle Dawson put away three singles by himself for a hat trick.

But the Timbermen didn’t want to give up the victory, and returned two more goals. The RiverWolves responded with one more, creating an over time worthy tie. After a five minute battle to score, the Timbermen were the ones that wanted it more and ended the game 12-11.

The next home game to be hosted at the ILA will put up the Six Nations Snipers against the RiverWolves on Sunday, March 15 at 2 p.m..

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